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Sep 25, 2021

Never Argue With A Fool

..., onlookers may not be able to tell the difference." ― Mark Twain

Or is it...
"Never argue with an idiot they'll drag you down to their level and beat you through experience." -- Mark Twain

Anyway. this amused me from 05:10 and 07:50 especially


odiousgambit Oct 01, 2021

for the video, where he went wrong was worrying with a budget to start with. Just tell your wife 'we're broke' once in a while and that might slow her down a bit.

at least this guy was operating when there were no credit cards

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Sep 23, 2021

The Earth Is Flat

... Obviously, except for islands and mountains and a few dips and hollows.

It is, and I NEED you naysayers to prove it's not, once and for all. Why won't they or can't they prove it?

Some say the Earth is roughly a globe, but like most things in science, new theories often come along to replace the established scientific opinions, all the time. Just like it used to believed that the sun revolved around the earth, that theory has now been debunked. The earth, has now been proven to revolve about the moon roughly once every 28 days and the sun rotates around the moon in a precisely defined, complex non-circular path. Other theories come up as science progresses and it's now claimed that the sun and all our local planets revolve around something in the Milky Way galaxy. See how science evolves as old ideas are proved wrong? Incidentally, if the earth is in the milky way, how come we can see the Milky Way from the outside? See how easily these naysayers so called 'theories' collapse when we question them. That's how science advances!

Now, naysayers come up with all sorts of evidence for their 'theories' but these 'theories' only apply in the realms of maths and physics and cannot be shown to apply to everything in the real universe.

Naysayers come up with formulae and so called 'evidence', but believers are right to question this 'evidence': Photo's of the earth taken from the moon seem to show the earth as blue and round, but that's easily refuted since the whole idea of there ever being a camera on the moon, let alone a man is already widely debunked. Plus, if the earth is blue and white, how come it was grey and green in the Universal Studios trailers? So called naysayers never explain that paradox. Ask yourself why! Is it just a cover up fabricated in movie studios?

And anyway, even if there was a way of photographing the earth from space, it's only a 2 d image. So maybe the earth is a flat disk. But these naysayers just dismiss this possibility out of hand and deride the believers. The naysayers can be quite insulting and rather than present their 'proof', they attack and deride the believers. They talk about space stations and satellites orbiting the earth, but when observed through simple telescopes, by earth-bound believers, they are seen to fly horizontally across the sky until they reach the edge of the earth and then go out of sight as they flip over to the other side of the earth disk and again fly flat over that side. Some satellites are so called geostationary and just hover stationary over one place. Naysayers explain how that can happen with your precious 'round earth theory'? Still I digress.

Naysayers come up with all sorts of 'formulae' that they say show that they are right, but they cannot prove the earth is a globe by drilling a tunnel through the centre. Have they tried? If not, why not. It's as though these naysayers just cannot get the budget to test their theories. And even if they could, that wouldn't prove that the earth is not a simple disk. So, naysayers, where is the real proof that backs up your so called 'evidence'. I don't claim to be a super mathematical genius, so prove it to me in real world, laymans' terms without trying to baffle me with science. Or aren't you naysayers as clever as you claim?

There are several believers that have built websites that prove the earth is flat and they just get constantly attacked and derided by the naysayers. Ask yourself why? Is it about money or mineral rights? These naysayers certainly seem to have a lot of money to make their case, but nobody asks themselves why??? Follow the money, I say. Find out what the naysayers are hiding.

If these naysayers are so clever, how come they can't explain their opinions and 'theories' without referring to certain pet formulae and other debunked or un-proved theories? They don't even stick to the same so called 'proof' but just line up 'evidence' upon 'evidence', as if that proves anything! We believers are right to ask questions and this forum would be a better place if it could have a sub-forum where these debunked so called 'scientific' naysayers could be challenged. It would need to be properly moderated, because these naysayers can be quite insulting.

I accept that it's the policy of this forum to support the 'round earth theory' and believers just get told basically to be quiet and go away. when believers ask further questions they get insulted and derided and even suspended. That's not fair. Those naysayers are the ones that should be suspended for their insults. I've had to resort to blocking some of these naysayers.

Some references for further study
* Note it confusingly calls the naysayers 'BLIND BELIEVERS of Greek Mythology based wing of [Modern Science'
"Only believe in what you, yourself can prove"
200 proofs the earth is not a spinning ball


Wellbush Sep 23, 2021

I always knew it was flat od, i just need to look outside.

Wellbush Sep 23, 2021

okay. i've read it all the way through now od. very funny. it would be a great article to promote. put it in the miscellaneous thread, or something

Johnzimbo Sep 23, 2021

I certainly have never see the word naysayers used more often than I just did

OnceDear Sep 23, 2021
odiousgambit Sep 23, 2021

"I certainly have never see the word naysayers used more often than I just did" naysayers always say that

In all seriousness, to me the flat earth people are amazing in one particular way at least. I've looked into the history of such thinking and it's pretty clear that it has a religious origin, even though the Bible does not say the Earth is flat. Yet that the Earth was a globe originally seemed to bother religious sensibilities the most. I'm talking about the people who attempt to put together a thoughtful argument, not the ordinary peasant of the day who might just assume the earth was flat.

Today, though, these fervent flat earth folks seemed to be not comprised at all by devout Christians and such. They seem to have created their own religion in a way. Amazing.

OnceDear Sep 23, 2021

Quote: wellbush

okay. i've read it all the way through now od. very funny.

I'm insulted! I could suspend you, but with an attitude like yours, I think I'll just block you along with all the other naysayers.

Only joking! $:o)

Wellbush Sep 23, 2021

The article in its entirety gets joke of the day for 09/23

OnceDear Sep 24, 2021


How would you feel if I responded to any of your started threads with that comment?

"This thread in its entirety has to qualify for joke of the day"

I reckon you would be quite insulted, would you not?

Wellbush Sep 25, 2021

Well, come to think of it, I need to start looking at things from a naysayers perspective. You're right OD.

But believers (well I'm bi - part believer, part naysayer) can also be right. Just look at Ethel.

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Apr 17, 2021

My Freeplay Trip Report

Last of the high rollers !!! A trip report worthy of Nathan!

Today I logged onto my online casino and found a random £100 of slots freeplay, on selected slots 30x wagering requirements. BORING. I don't care much for slots. I wasn't expecting to cash anything out from that.

So I selected a game. 'Rainbow Riches' and let it auto-spin a while at £2..... Very soon, I hit a £400 win, and when my balance reached £500 I switched to £5 per spin.

I left it running in the background as I got on with some chores. At one point, I looked in and had a '15 free spins' round... Which won more and more andstill more free spins. In fact that round gave 60 free spins which seriously boosted my balance to up over £1,800.

I checked remaining WR and had about £2200 to go. So I cranked it up to £10 a spin and let it get on with it. I expected to maybe cash out at least about £500. As it transpired I reached the end of Wagering requirements with a balance of just over £1,350. With hindsight, it had been a bit harsh on me in that I'd lost about about £450 from coin in of that approx £2200 It seems that game gives most of the returns in 'big wins' and I had few or no big wins in that final phase.

Now, feeling flush with free cash, I messed about with RNG blackjack for a while, and though I ebbed and flowed ( mostly ebbed) I finally cashed out proper my final balance of £1050, for no particular reason. KerChing!

Oh hum. Roll on next freeplay bonus.


odiousgambit Apr 17, 2021

>Roll on next freeplay bonus.

I guess so!

vegas Apr 23, 2021

Interesting and makes you feel great when you win off of free money. I am in Canada and they always limit our bets to just 5 dollars max bet while on a bonus or free spins.

Thanks for the report.

Wellbush Apr 28, 2021

And here in Australia, online gambling is banned! Ya need to go to a B&M casino to play. Not kidding!

OnceDear Apr 28, 2021

Really Wellbush? I know of Online gaffs that not only accept Australian members, but take addresses and let you play in AUD using AU IP addresses. So to what extent is it illegal? Illegal to offer, or illegal to play?

Wellbush May 02, 2021

Illegal to play

Wellbush Sep 23, 2021

just clarifying, i'd say it's illegal to both play and offer online casino gaming services (table games and slots) in australia. i've been stating this recently in the "negative progression" thread, i think. it's not illegal to offer online betting on races, sports, and lotteries.

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Apr 02, 2021

I Lost £35k in 30 mins

And I really don't care.

Sort of a shortest ever trip report.

Recall a few weeks back I was in an online roulette tournament during which I turned £10,000 buy in to £20,100 over 3 hours.
That got me a tournament prize, but I subsequently discovered that I could use my bankroll to play online live dealer Blackjack.
And so it was, that over the course of the week, I took my £20,100 balance down to about £350 and then back up to £25,000. Quite a roller coaster!
And so today, with aggressive wagering of about £1,000 to £5,000 per hand, I got my bankroll/balance to over £35K.
Not bad when it had been as low as £350 or so.
Anyhow, tonight, over the course of about 30 minutes, I lost the lot. It was fun and had one amusing consequence.....
..... While at the live player table, I won two lucky Easter draws worth a total of £40. I asked the promo host to assign them to another player ID at the table. A min better :) Made his day. After all, I could not withdraw those bonuses, no more than I could withdraw my balance when it had been £35K
Glad it was only pretend money I lost. I.e. the proceeds of my £10k Pretend money buy-in from the tourney.


odiousgambit Apr 03, 2021

whew! [not that I was really worried]

Posted by OnceDear
Apr 02, 2021

77 Winning Sessions :o)

Well. It's true. And the truth shall set you free.

Previous blog posts had showed a couple of periods where my bankroll had ascended in roughly straight lines over 45 (now 47) consecutive winning sessions, and later over 32 (now 33) consecutive winning sessions. For those periods of play, I'd been shaping the chart by deliberately 'Hitting and running' for about £50 per session and had been progressively chasing losses with some increasing buy-ins and increasing wagers. As I call it, 'Martingale at the Buy-in level'
I acknowledged all along that these were truthful reports, but selectively reported.
So, in the interests of full disclosure, I'll now show what has hitherto been too boring to show.
Between those monster winning streaks, there was a period of less steady progress. A dreadful downward period During that intermediate period, I'd been less focussed on shaping the chart with progressively bigger buy-ins and loss chasing. But there wasn't actually much difference in my level or style of play. I'd tended to cap my buy-ins to £250 during that time and did not tend to be as aggressive in playing catch up. Two typical bad streaks were when I went
-100,-250,-250,-250,-250,-250,-100 Buy-ins
Before a modest winning session
and another time...
-100, -100, -150, -250,-250 Buy-ins
32.26 Cashout (some lose change from slots)
-75, -125, -250,-250 Buy-ins
400.60 Cashout

Anyhow. Here's the chart showing how the three 'periods of play' fit together.

The observant will note that the y axis has different values to the previous chart. That's not a lie, it was just a bit of rebasing of the starting value to make the chart look nice. This chart shows what I consider to be my 'lifetime' gambling bankroll, which is still ahead overall. But then again, 'Lifetime bankroll' is with the benefit of some AP exploits.


OnceDear Apr 02, 2021

Looking back, I know that although 'hit and run' means nothing and 'sessions' mean nothing, it occurs to me that there is something still weird about those two successes. I'll analyse at wager level, what went on in the intermediate session, where I seem to recall I was throwing down more bets of >£50 rather than grinding away with 5, 10, 15, 20 etc.

It might just be, and I don't rule out, there's possibility an anomaly in the RNG Blackjack that I was playing. Almost like it gave a different house edge at different playing levels, such that it was baiting me with generosity at the lower wager level and then whacking me when I ramped up. Such behaviour would be outrageous and surely outside of regulated acceptability. If true, it COULD maybe be exploitable??? Inviting AP's to PM me if they care to analyse and comment further.

OnceDear Apr 02, 2021

OMFG. I think I've spotted it. During my winning sessions, I was ALMOST exclusively playing a certain RNG blackjack at my favourite online casino. But for the losing period of play, I was mostly playing a different variant at two of my other casinos. It looks to be that the bulk of lost money was at my second and third choice casinos.

Belay that. It was all the same casino, but maybe a different game variant.

Preceding the first uptrend WAS a different casino.

Definitely time to investigate further!!!!!

odiousgambit Apr 02, 2021

when the wizard was testing betting systems, making videos, it is true that the charts would often look like this, with stretches where the trend was consistently up or down. We have to figure there was no RNG manip in those

it is definitely something that hits you: surely there is a way to discern where the trend is going! but no one can do it.

OnceDear Apr 02, 2021

The shape of the chart 'Ramp and plummet' for the first and third segments was pretty much under my control, though when a plummet would occur was and always would be a mystery.

For the middle section, I was not particularly adhering to any system, hence the more random walk. It's just a bit anomalous that I escaped the plummeting and just had the random downtrend when not bothering.

Marty Ramp and Plummet charts.