Posted by Dnalorailed
Oct 16, 2014

Cheap Vegas flights

Spirit airlines is running a sale from today until tomorrow October 17, 2014. Lots of domestic cities $34 one way to vegas for non $9 fare club members/$23 one way for $9 fare club members. Travel dates run until Feb. 2015. This is the cheapest I've seen anywhere in the last two years. Check it out...


FleaStiff Oct 16, 2014

Be advised: Its a no frills airline. No bags, no meals, no special requests. Might be best to ship suitcases via UPS or something.

speedycrap Oct 17, 2014

Haha, just bring some cash. Buy everything in Vegas.

Dnalorailed Oct 17, 2014

They will let you bring a backpack or small bag onboard for free. All you need is clean underwear and a toothbrush. Lol. I'm going in January. Can't beat it. Have gotten there safely and on time every time so far. Plus the seats don't even recline, so no worries there.

Dnalorailed Oct 17, 2014

Under the "FARE-GASM" promo

tringlomane Oct 20, 2014

Although it probably wouldn't have fit into my plans, I'm disappointed you didn't post this as an actual thread. Totally missed it. For $68 round trip, I would have to consider the no frills aspect.

Dnalorailed Oct 21, 2014

I don't know how to post a thread. I'm new to this forum. Was looking all over for it. Sorry

FleaStiff Oct 23, 2014

>Just bring cash, buy everything else upon arrival.

I'd love that system, many men would, but have spouses that nix that idea in the bud.

One low roller, familiar with every hotel that offers coffee makers, still goes to Walmart and buys one as well as buying small sized water to have in the room, toothbrushes and toiletries as well as cheap snacks for his schedule with no room service or hours of operation to be considered. When leaving Vegas, he puts a note on the cheap coffee maker "gift to housekeeping" and goes to airport without any luggage at all.

FleaStiff Oct 23, 2014

>>>>I don't know how to post a thread ....."

Look at the bottom right corner of THIS page.

See the box with tiny blue arrow: Jump to Defunct Casinos. Scroll that tiny blue arrow and select whatever

you think is best. Then review the existing threads or click on New Thread.

Even easier ways to get there too such as by clicking on Recent Forum Threads and scrolling down that page.

SlangNRox Oct 25, 2014

backpack and wear layers onto the plane. I fly Allegiant a lot to vegas and they have the same policies