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Hi Wizard , is this math correct ?

The house advantage for the pass line bet in No-Crap Craps is 1.414 percent, exactly as it is in standard craps. This is easy to see. The only differences between the pass line bet in No-Crap Craps and the pass line bet in standard craps occur when 2, 3, 11, or 12 is rolled on the come-out roll. These numbers contribute (−1)(4/36)+(1)(2/36)=−2/36 to the pass line bettor's expectation in standard craps. In No-Crap Craps these numbers contribute 2(3/36)((1)(3/(3+6))+(−1)(6/(3+6)))=−2/36, which is identical.

These are the rules of this modified Crapless craps game
There is a very interesting variation of crapless craps that allegedly has the same house edge as regular craps also allows DP and Don’t Come but the points of 2/3 and 11/12 are together …true odds on a 2/3 or a 11/12 is 2-1 same as a 4 or 10 ! ( 3 ways to make those as opposed to 6 for Big Red ) If u place the 2/3 or 11/12 same payouts as a 4 and 10

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