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Quote: AxelWolf

OMG!!! Guy's, we have went over this with Bob A magnitude of times over many years. It always ends up at the same dead end. The one thing that stood out to me the most was when Bob said that he can tell the diffidence between RNG produced numbers and non RNG produced numbers.

Just curious. Has any of your AP play ever even once involved live dealer roullette ?
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Quote: michael99000

I think your 25,000th post should be a full detailed explanation of what exactly you being a roullette AP means. Your methods , strategy , success rate, lifetime profit etc.

Being an AP at a game where there’s virtually zero heat is like having a license to print money. I’m sure we’d all like to learn.

Let's not forget, or forgive this doozy of a thread...

Quote: EvenBob

I can't wrap my head around this. In roulette,
you have the 3 dozen bets. 33 1/3% chance
on each, bet two of them and add 33 1/3 and
33 1/3 and you have a 66 2/3 chance of getting
1 dozen correct if you get rid of the zeros.

Lets say theoretically you have a 50% of getting
one dozen right. If you add 50+50 you get 100,
and I know that's not correct for the chance of
getting one right. So how do you do the math
to figure the chance of getting one right.

It was way up there on Planet Bob
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Quote: EvenBob

So you're smart enough to just glance
at roulette and realize it can't be beat
with just the right bets? Unfortunately
many people had to actually test it
to find that out, there was nobody
and no books telling them it wasn't

Actually, it's those people you call
'stupid' that did all the heavy lifting
so they could inform you of the

Out of every single game in the casino, roulette is by far the easiest to look at mathematically.

There’s 38 spots, and every single bet is paid out to be fair if there were 36 spots.

It almost couldn’t be any easier.
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Quote: FinsRule

Out of every single game in the casino, roulette is by far the easiest to look at mathematically.

There’s 38 spots, and every single bet is paid out to be fair if there were 36 spots.

It almost couldn’t be any easier.

How dare you. Very famous mathematicians took hundreds of hours over hundreds of years to figure that out!
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there are 2 links here re beating roulette - one from BJ Hall of Famer Arnold Snyder and one from the guy who I believe tutored Snyder on this - Laurance Scott

his method is known as visual roulette prediction

these methods may be no longer effective because of improved equipment or they may just be less effective

I tried Scott's method briefly and gave up - it was just too much for me

but I do believe he and his methods are or were legitimate

I believe in selling his system Scott understated the difficulty of it
It is very difficult

I am 𝐧𝐨𝐭 recommending anybody try this.
there are easier ways to make a buck

I just posted it for informational and historical value


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Thanks for this post from:
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Just a mere $1,099 for a used copy. Plus Richard W. Munckin, in his reviews, suggested you will need to purchase a wheel to practice on for 3-4 K. Oh and he said it probably would not work in USA. And if you start winning anywhere , the croupier can stop you but simply calling No More Bets earlier as this system depends on placing your bets very late.

But for a mere $4-5K you can join Evenbob as a winning roulette player.

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