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I found Wizard's 3 card six probability for 8 decks game on this website and I'm very grateful for it.

3-Card Six

3-Card Six is a side bet found in the commission-free baccarat game at the Pala casino in California. The bet pays 100 to 1 if both player and banker get a 3-card six, 8 to one if one of them does, and loses otherwise. The table below shows a house edge of 13.37%.
3-Card Six 8 Decks
Event Pays Combinations Probability Return
Two three-card 6 100 11932746197248 0.002387 0.238731
One three-card 6 8 347224932859904 0.069467 0.555738
All other -1 4639240596446200 0.928145 -0.928145
Total 4998398275503350 1 -0.133676

Now I have a question, let's say a player sits at one playstation and he's allowed to play up to 3 hands of baccarat. Each hand is being dealt from a different dealer, using different 8 decks of card, and different color of course.

What's the probability of he getting 3x3 card 6? maybe 4,5 and all 6?

Would somebody please show me how to calculate this?

Thanks so much

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