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Fun and rewards on slot machine games come hand in hand! If you just keep having fun without making any money, the challenge factor disappears from the game. And if you just keep struggling to win big money on slot machine games, then you miss out on the entertainment part of the game.

Some relaxed players just enjoy being in their comfort zone of not spending money and just having fun on slots. Such players are usually uncomfortable about the idea of switching to the real money slots and betting some real money. But, they don't realize that they are missing out on the challenge of hitting the big jackpots and earning great rewards.

Then on the contrary there are some foolish players who bet lavishly on casino slot machines because they have their eye on the top jackpot in the game. So much so,that in their aim to hit the biggest jackpot, they actually lose the track of the amount of money they have spent on the game until they go bankrupt. Such players are usually called the zombies in the dictionary of slots.

So, strike a balance while playing on slots! Begin by playing on the free slot machine games and once you get knack for the game gradually move to the real money slots. Gradually moving to the real money play means, start with lower betting values and then move to the higher bets only if you earn some profits.

So, for a comprehensive fun on slots, play them for fun and for money both!

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