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Quote: buzzpaff

Grand Junction Colorado 85 Octane $3.09 -$3.19 Meas County Food Stamps 10% of population

This was on feb 27. Today it is $3.79 and $3.94
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Quote: buzzpaff

This was on feb 27. Today it is $3.79 and $3.94

Yeah, we had it good a month ago. I most recently paid $3.649, so we still have it better than most.
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Quote: CrystalMath

Yeah, we had it good a month ago. I most recently paid $3.649, so we still have it better than most.

You haven't gotten the 'summer gas' yet. It costs more to
refine and we just got it.
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Quote: boymimbo

A better bet is shale. Apparently, the United States has over 60 percent of the world's reserves in Shale which eclipses the total worldwide reserves of conventional oil.

UPDATE: Turns out that the size of California's shale oil reserves have been drastically exagerated. The new estimate is that 600 million barrels of oil can be extracted with existing technology, far below the 13.7 billion barrels once thought recoverable, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said. (That's a 96% downgrade. Oops.) Prior to this downgrade, the much-publicized Monterey formation accounted for nearly two-thirds of all technically-recoverable US shale oil resources.

The caveat is that this revised estimate is based upon current technology, so maybe those numbers may go back up again in the future as technology improves.

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I still long for the days when Obama took office in January 2009 and the national average price of gas was $1.85.

And I know, this is one thing I don't blame him for. Here in PA the state raised gas taxes to the 2nd highest in the nation.
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When I first bought the TDi in 2002, Premium and Diesel were both $1.219. Now its triple that, and Diesel kicks in another 1/2 dollar.
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Think I paid $4.11/gal a few days ago (but that's premium), here in LV.
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In New Zealand, about NZ$2.20 per litre = about US$10 per gallon.
It would be more if the NZ dollar wasn't so strong recently.

That said, anyone in will feel the effect of a price rise in their own country - what people pay overseas is irrelevant.
A large percentage of our gas price is various taxes and other charges. I think this also explains the higher prices in Europe/UK.
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As a side note to this discussion, you can see the tax per gallon by state, courtesy of the American Petroleum Institute, HERE on page 2.

US average is 50 cents per gallon.
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that is interesting johnnyQ

I guess that is why we have good BJ rules in PA, they are making up for it in gas tax.
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