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Quote: Dieter

Quote: tuttigym

There are many tech/devise savvy members here on the forum. With all the noise and investigations ongoing about Tik Toc, specifically about capturing and compromising personal data, I wonder how many of those afore-mentioned members have downloaded such on their personal devises. For those who have, what remedies, if any, are available to relieve personal data theft?

I personally do not engage in any social media with the one exception of this forum, i.e., no facebook, twitter, etc. Would it be prudent to divorce your devises from tic toc and abandon it forever??

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How paranoid do you want to be?
Is it enough?

I assume that my carrier and Apple or Google* know everything that is on the phone, or is said near the phone, and what might be coming out of any nearby TV or radio.

If there is an Alexa or Facebook device nearby, then Amazon or Facebook*, too.

Samsung TV or phone or tablet... Samsung.

You gotta trust someone, or forego networked technology.

*: Alphabet/Meta, if you prefer.
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Trust no one and nothing.
Be pure. Be Vigilant. Behave.
The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction is supposed to make sense.
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The Devil went down to Alexa and Alexa began to speak.
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New AI can do a pretty good job simulating emotion, but does’t actually feel anything. So, basically a sociopath.
Fair is fair, if unprovable claims are insisted to be true, one should be able to use unprovable methods of debunking.
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we poke fun at ChatBots and their errors
but all of this stuff keeps getting better
imagine what they might be able to do in 10 years
and how tech will change the world in 25 years
I'm not ocd but I admit it - I have a fear of tech
that as it changes I won't be able to adapt
that I'll be left behind

"believe half of what you see and none of what you hear" - Edgar Allan Poe

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