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Tosh.0, South Park and Onion News Network on IFC are always good for a laugh. That new Norm MacDonald sports show on Comedy Central was pretty funny last night (better than his ridiculous commentary on GSN's High Stakes Poker). Auction Hunters is a good one. And I never miss Top Chef just to see Padma again.
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I like Top Gear, but only the UK version.

Speed used to have the show Bullrun which was fantastic. People with hot cars would play a game similar to the cannonball run, racing checkpoint to checkpoint through the southwest US. At every checkpoint there'd be a vehicular challenge which brought about the possibility of carnage. Seeing guys forced to tear through a muddy offroad couse in a Hennesey Viper, or fly down unpaved desert wagon roads in their mint, numbers matching Hemi Cuda just isn't seen everyday. I'll never forget they guy in the Gallardo who was left with $80,000 in damage for simply hitting a racoon in the Rockies.

The Housewives of New Jersey, specifically, makes me want to harm myself. Caroline's a sweetheart, but the rest of the cast is outright disgusting. I urge all to watch just to see it for yourself, it really is a marvel to behold. I can't even sit still watching it, I just want to go out and drive my truck into a tree. It's that bad.

The only stuff I'm currently watching is auto racing, House reruns, some of the NHL playoffs, and certain Military Channel series like WWII in Color or Dogfights.
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who remembers "Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist" in wiggly-vision....
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Quote: Paigowdan

who remembers "Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist" in wiggly-vision....

Loved Dom Irrera on that show.
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The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad. And the last two only because they're on after The Simpsons (sometimes). Fox seems to think all the timeslots are interchangeable for the Sunday night cartoons.

With sports, I really care only about college basketball nowadays.

If I can get Fox Business, I'll watch it over CNBC because Fox has hotter reporters.

Everything else, remembering what night and channel it's on and then figuring out which channel that corresponds to on my tv isn't worth the effort.

Rather than hate a tv show I usually just don't watch. Although sometimes there's an event I'm interested in where I can't stand the coverage. The Olympics on NBC comes to mind.
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Television is a device left on for the entertainment of the various cats and dogs. I only watch the darned thing on special occasions:
Masterpiece Theater
Weeds and Breaking Bad re-runs on cable. (I'm too cheap to pay for a premium channel or buy a dvd to watch later seasons).
Mythbusters if I ever encounter it and am interested in it and that sexy, bubbly sculptor who likes blowing things up is featured.
The Good Wife
Cougar Town for two episodes that was it.
48Hours Mystery if it ain't no darned re-run. (I like educational television, ie: when a man gets away with killing his wife or the show reveals what mistakes he made).

No more of those reality screaming matches about Housewives or Jersey Jackasses.
The Real World ain't real, its a contrived battle of bratty kids.
All those darned Sit Coms can go pound sand.
None of that Orange County Kids morphed to Beverly Hills morphed to Kardashian land via Twiggy or Olsen or some Hilton twit.
No more Frontline 'cause its all this left wing do good for the downtrodden nonsense.
No more Independent Lens 'cause all they focus their lens on is the poor and dirty and disgusting.
Fourth Estate when the topics are interesting but the quality of the show sure has deteriorated.
I watched that CSI-Miami Comes to Paradise Beach show but it was obvious it was going to last for one season only.
I watched Blue Heelers and The Old Bill for awhile but it was boring, as was City Homicide.
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Quote: gofaster87

I like a variety of shows including House, Modern Marvels, Myth Busters, Burn Notice, White Collar, almost anything on National Geographic, Anthony Bordain's No reservations and Andrew Zimmerman's Bizarre Foods. A lot of times I end watching the movie of the week on one of the random movie channels.

All excellent shows, and largely the reason the networks are in trouble. You can list only a single show on a broadcast network, and when Hugh Laurie leaves after next year, you may be down to only cable.
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Mystery Science Theater 3000
It's Effing Science
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Ramsay's Kitchen NIghtmares
South Park
Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Most hated

Everything that bloated gas-bag Oprah Winfrey has EVER done. Thankfully, now that her show is going off air (thank god!) The Jimmy Kimmel show will be on the air in Chicago at a decent hour! (The local ABC affiliate airs Jimmy Kimmel an hour late so they can show the Oprah re-run.)
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Quote: FleaStiff

Cougar Town for two episodes that was it.

I caught the first season 'cause Busy Phillips is so damn hot. I think the show is well written, but poorly acted. Seems like those ladies must despise each other in real life and can barely say their lines to each other in a scene. Seems forced and unnatural to me. Or maybe they're all coked up.
"Poker sure is an easy game to beat if you have the roll to keep rebuying."
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My new fave is Boston Legal. I'm catching it is reruns, gotta love Shatner as Denny Crane.
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