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Along with many other things I do, I run the Internet casino auditing service Certified Fair Gambling. I have run this service since 2006, when Michael sold it to me. I am now at the point where I need to pass it on. My clients are very concerned about the continuity of service, and I want to make this as easy as possible for them.

What I am looking for is an individual who has the following qualifications:

  • An advanced degree in mathematics, statistics, or a related area.
  • Positive name recognition in some part of the gaming industry.
  • Experience in the Online casino industry.
  • Strong skills in at least one programming language (I write my programs in C/C++/Java) and Excel. A script language is also helpful.
  • Experience with the mathematics of casino table games, video poker and slots.
  • Knowledge of statistical testing, including chi-square testing.

The monthly deliverables include a full audit of casino game-play files for the previous month, with statistical fairness tests conducted on a subset of games. A monthly RTP certificate is also delivered to the clients on a monthly basis. You are also expected to watch Internet websites for signs of complaints about your clients that suggest further investigation about game fairness, and conduct other investigations as required to be absolutely satisfied with the integrity of CFG-certified casinos. Beyond that, you will be expected to address specific questions from casino management about game fairness of their software, and complaints from customers about game fairness.

Certified Fair Gambling is widely recognized as one of the very few companies that offer fair and impartial auditing of online casinos. During my time, I have been asked to audit and issue certification to a number of companies that I found out during the audit were creating rogue software. This is absolutely unacceptable. For this reason, it is important that any candidate be financially sound.

If you are qualified and interested in purchasing CFG and want to discuss this, please contact me directly, not PM.

Kind regards,

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