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Last weekend I found a $100 bill on the casino floor, in front of the cashier.

This immediately caused an ethical quandary.
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It shouldn't - if you aren't ethically challenged.
It should - if you are ethically challenged.
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Ethical, perhaps, but I think the law is clear. Found money in a casino belongs to the casino absent proof of ownership to the contrary. If the casino were smart, they'd use tape to determine whose cash it was, but in any event it's not yours. You can get in some trouble if you find chips, tickets or currency in a casino and don't turn it over to the cage.
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Quote: MrV

Last weekend I found a $100 bill on the casino floor, in front of the cashier.

This immediately caused an ethical quandary.

I mistakenly left $50 at the Cage a few weeks back after cashing some chips. I had no idea that I left the money there. I came back to cash some more chips an hour later and the cashier said "You are lucky that I am honest, I wasn't sure if you left this as a tip" I said "Thanks, it was not a tip", I had barely broken even throughout the session. I took my $50 back and gave her a $5 tip.
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Quote: MrV

Last weekend I found a $100 bill on the casino floor, in front of the cashier.

This immediately caused an ethical quandary.

A few years ago at the racetrack, my dad and I found about $50 credit on a wagering terminal. It was crowded that day, but my dad said that he saw a guy with a hat leave the machine, and we needed to return the money to him.

I told him that there were 10,000 people at the track, and we would never find this guy. So all day, we are wandering around the track and my dad keeps looking. Finally after race 10, my dad says "That's him, I found him" He runs up to him and says "Excuse me, did you leave about $50 in a machine in the beginning of the day?" The guy says "yeah, but I just hit the trifecta for $600, so you keep it" After a polite refusal, the guy insisted and my dad got the benefit of doing the right thing, and keeping the money.

I think that's where I draw my ethical line. If I can find the guy whose money it is, I'll give it back to him, but if I find a little bit of money on the ground, I'm taking it. When I worked at Toys R Us, people would come to ther service desk and say "Oh, I found this five dollar bill on the ground, here" And no one ever ever ever came back to say "I lost a $5 bill, did someone turn it in?" And what would happen to all that money, we sent it to corporate a few times a year.

A casino is a different environment because everything is videotaped so it's possible to track down people. But any other place, as long as we're not talking hundreds of dollars, just keep the money.
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Quote: MathExtremist

You can get in some trouble if you find chips, tickets or currency in a casino and don't turn it over to the cage.

Couple years ago, I found a $100 Bellagio chip on the floor of Planet Hollywood. No way PH could claim it was theirs. As with many casinos, PH's carpeting is patterned and disguises trash or chips left behind. In fact, I walked right over it without really seeing it till I was a few steps away then it occurred to me and I looked back. Problem was, it was 8 inches from a guy's foot playing that slot machine. I shuffled back over and kicked it a few feet away so I could pick it up without slot-guy noticing, and I hightailed it outta there before John Quinones and his What Would You Do? camera crew could swoop in for a Q & A session.

And I sleep just fine at night, thankyouverymuch.

I got in the habit of always checking the floor under the poker table when I first sit down. There's enough forgotten chips amid the empty water bottles to make it worthwhile.
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I had a few one dollar bills in my pocket, as I use these to tip the cocktail servers. One of them had fallen on the ground at my table apparently. A security officer came by and picked it up and started filling out a report, then told the dealer to put the dollar in the drop box. I told the officer that it was my dollar, I was the only player at the table. He didn't believe me, and though the floor supervisor told him that he also was sure it was mine, the security officer said he had to follow procedure, and if I wanted to I could fill out a report and they would do an investigation. I was playing 25 dollar PGP, and so I was a little offended that the guy didn't believe it was my dollar. I wasn't going to do anything over one dollar, but my drink server got 1 less dollar than she would have because of a stupid policy.
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In a previous post I recounted that I had found a payment ticket from a slot machine on the floor at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

I thought briefly about what to do but decided to call security and handed it to them.

Finding and cashing a ticket would be further step towards illegality in my view. Money is one thing, but presenting a ticket to the cashier for redemption in the knowledge that it did not belong to me, would certainly be illegal.
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Someone left $50 on a VP machine at work (this is when I used to stay after for drinks with co-workers). I had the bartender call the slot person to cash it out and put it back into the casinos bank.
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What if you see someone drop a chip? They don't notice that they dropped it. Do you take the chip or give it back to them?

What if it was a black $100 chip. Would that make any difference?
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