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From my Vegas visit in late December: I had the LVA and ACG coupon books, and played them to the hilt--just about every free play, match play, and also the Terrible's $100 rebate offer, and the Tropicana $200 rebate offer (which had nothing to do with the coupons). My three friends, Vegas newbies, got both books as well. Everyone's initial outlay was $25 for the membership and the ACG book (LVA had a special for a three-month online membership).

I didn't realize that my friends had kept track of all their results! Turns out, they were all saving for their NEXT trip to Vegas. I was on a different tack, but I did keep track of my results as well.

My results: +$330, which would have been +$630 if not for the New Year's Eve Session of No Royals and Much Sorrow (the only time in the entire six days that I gambled with my own money).

Friend A: +$175. He pretty much couldn't hit a matchplay to save his life, until he nailed the $25 matchplay, won $25 in a free spin, and turned $10 free slot play into $90, all at the Sahara.

Friend B: +$270. She, on the other hand, being a total luckbox ever since I've known her, went 10-1 (!!!!!) on matchplays.

Friend C: +$98. She played her free play on slots. Booooooo. Matchplays, she went about 50-50 (which, of course, meant she scored a modest profit).

They have since informed me that their trivial amount of play has gotten them free room offers from three different casinos. I think they're hooked. I feel like the guy who showed the neighborhood kids where the crack dealer hangs out....
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