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There's an amusing story making the rounds recently. You probably noticed the phenomenon yourself over the years, but the evolution was so slow that your observations just never reached the front burner to articulate into thoughts.

In the stone age of casinos, if you were a slot player you actually had to stand upright in front of the machine to operate it, hour after hour. If you got tired you had to go find a seat somewhere to relax. This went on for several decades. You'd think that casino operators would have noticed that people (especially older people who tire easily but have lots of disposable cash) who are resting on chairs over here are not actually gambling on the machines over there. But nope. The logic was that chairs and stools would crowd and block the narrow slot machine aisles.

Then, around 1960, furniture makers convinced the casinos to try narrow stools. These would allow players to sit and still keep the aisles clear. To the astonishment of the casinos the slot players loved them. They began to play longer, a lot longer. Almost overnight the 12" stool became the industry standard. This went on for several decades.

In the 80s and 90s a new problem developed. Americans began switching from home cooked meals to fast food burgers and empty calorie snacks. The result was people growing sideways, especially in the nether region. What's a poor casino stool to do? The answer was to also get bigger and so the stool seats slowly expanded to 15", 17", 19" and beyond with some machines boasting seats well beyond 20". This was done quietly. Since the majority of slot players are women, it's hardly good P.R. to point out that the luxury stools of today are now twice as big to accommodate rear ends that are twice as wide as their grandmother's.

Where will this evolution end? Will players of the future work the machines while slumped on "WALL-E" couches, occasionally floating over to the trough at the buffet to challenge to width of their recliners? Tune in a few decades hence.

Full story at Reno Gazette Journal

Las Vegas Sun article on form vs function and table game vs slot seats.

I admit, I do enjoy a good luxury seat while playing slots or video poker. Although I usually sit upright or lean forward while playing, I prefer one with good back support in case I want to lean back and stretch. I've seen some champion leaners over the years. Some of them seem to have mastered yoga positions putting their feet way up here and their heads way back there while still being able to reach the button panel with ease.
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Excellently written! Also a, "Funny because it's true," example.

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