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Quote: billryan

CytoDyn held it's annual meeting today. Shareholders were less than impressed as the stock went down about seven percent after the meeting. Stock closed at $2.92.

Interview today on Fox Business

Shareholders were more than impressed as the stock went up about 16% after the airing

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You can fool some of the people all of the time.......

Is this the third time huge results have been promised, or the fourth?

The breakthrough is always coming in two weeks. Serious people under-promise and deliver. Charlatan's over-promise and sell on the hype. I hope I'm wrong for my Country's, but that management is more interested in selling than developing.
The stock is swirling downward. It hits a new low, goes up a bit and then reaches another new low. The CEO releases some hype and new money pushes the stock up for a few days.
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