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Quote: Venthus

I got an email from Valley View (SoCal) the other day saying that they're still hopeful for an April 4th reopening. (...Yeah. No.)

But more interestingly, there's a report from the AGA, last updated on March 26th, stating that 982 of 989 casinos are closed, and there's a different article saying that all of the ones that remain open are tribal properties.

Has anybody managed to find one that's actually still open?

And for more fun: I got an offer in the mail today for a free cruise in July. Considering that I took the precaution of spraying down the envelope first...

I'm guessing they're in Florida if anyone is still open. Just a guess.
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Quote: TDVegas

Iíll be very surprised to see any casino open before May 1. Even that date is in doubt, imo.

I disagree. I think some of the small out of the way casinos will open by then.
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