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October 7th, 2018 at 6:49:40 AM permalink
After reading this I thought it would be interesting to do our own list of Casino quirks, thoughts and gripes

What do you have?
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My rants would start off with these pseudo gambling groups such as Zork or other groups oriented to newbies that pretend to have some sort of expertise in casino gambling but can't even keep up with the usual events such as multiplier days or the like and utterly no idea about a zero or double-zero on a roulette layout.

I don't like untrained dealers. Worse, I loathe poorly trained dealers who think they know what they are doing.

We all are supposed to hate changing of table limits but frankly I don't mind that too much even if it is arbitrary and capricious. I know that crowds ebb and flow and "the pencil" can't predict things too well sometimes.

I don't like crews that are too eager for the EO tap. I know you've worked six hours but your shift is eight hours so buckle down and work those two remaining hours on the clock even if you won't get any tokes at all during them.

Loud music, repetitive music.... please: play a symphony or something. I remember eons ago when our Fearless Leader took his very photogenic model to Main Street Stations mezzanine area where there is a piano that was lying fallow at the time. Since in addition to being an absolute knock-out she was also a trained music teacher her playing was very much appreciated by all but the casino staff who wanted those music lovers to go gamble. Give us a break now and then.

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