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1. A monthly "You're fired!" 1-hour meeting with each government agency.
2. Melania Trump hiring Martha Stewart for a do-over of the china, the catering, and any and all entertainment.
3. A quarterly (monthly would be ok) review and assessment of Trump's 76 campaign promises (there may be more) https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/01/22/here-are-76-of-donald-trumps-many-campaign-promises/
4. 100-day "report card" in a formal case-study style to include Environmental Impact Statements, Business Objectives & Measurement Yardsticks, and Financial Impact on the US economy, trade, and politics.
5. The Priority List of what needs to be done - more importantly, an explanation of how The List was compiled
6. After the first existing and unsuccessful program is stopped, or after the first senior government official is fired or demoted, it would be great to read the criteria used to reach those decisions.
7. A in-depth review of the first Trump accomplishment that evoked widespread have public and international approval
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