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Thanks for that link Buzz.

Gotta love the last line of that article:

In a separate case, Lusardi was charged with copyright infringement after more than 37,500 illegal DVDs were found in his North Carolina home.

A Boy Scout this guy ain't!
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Quote: Buzzard

Over 3 weeks and the 27 finalists have not gotten a penny, no even a refund of the $560 entry fee until this mess is straightened out.

So much for the casino being such a class act !

Gee if only they had done the right thing and gained some goodwill. Instead of waiting to be forced to do so !
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The sentence has been handed down.
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Thanks for posting the outcome, interesting to see the conclusion of it all.
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Quote: JohnnyQ

Thanks for posting the outcome, interesting to see the conclusion of it all.

In that event, I hope that you and everyone else will find my detailed Article about the ordeal interesting as well:
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I found it informative, but think no fair solution could be found. Even your suggestion is flawed. Played A put his chips at risk against counterfeit chips. Player B put his chips at risk against real chips. Now player A is to be penalized ???

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