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February 7th, 2013 at 10:00:01 AM permalink
I was delighted to see actor Fred Willard appearance on Modern family last night. Mr Willard is not a regular cast member, but has a occasional re-occurring role as a grandfather. As I am sure everyone know, Mr Willard was arrested last summer for lewd conduct at an adult movie theater. I was so glad ABC did not punish him for that.

I am a believer that certain 'crimes' such as Mr Willard's and even prostitution, are victim-less crimes. They hurt nobody. I believe we are supposed to be free to make bad choices as long as they hurt no one else. Mr Willard's incident certainly falls into that category for me. I hate the thought of any law enforcement agency wasting time, effort and funds setting up stings and whatnot on such nonsense. I mean geez....a 79 year old man in an adult movie theater? Sure, not something I want to think about, but t6hat is who the police are going to allocate their time and resources to go after? Give me a break. Prostitution is pretty much the same thing in my book. Consenting adults. Of course, I am talking about consenting, willing participants. Please don't respond with comments about slave trade trafficking and such. That is a whole different ballgame and I applaud the authorities for spending time and resources in this area. So again, I applaud ABC. Anyone else care to comment?
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Quote: kewlj

As I am sure everyone know, Mr Willard was arrested last summer for lewd conduct at an adult movie theater.

I've been a fan of Fred's since Fernwood Tonight. I was very
disappointed in him when I read about the arrest, thats
no way for somebody who's almost 80 to act in public.

Fred works a lot, he always has a bunch of projects going.
He very dependable, a producer knows he's getting his
money's worth with Fred. I really liked him on Everybody
Loves Raymond.
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Wow, I didn't realize he was that old. He's looking pretty good for his age!

And I could care less what he does in a seedy establishment mostly designed for exactly what he got arrested for. It was a waste of taxpayers' money if you ask me.
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February 7th, 2013 at 5:43:18 PM permalink
You'll like Community tonight, where Mr. Willard also is appearing.
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Hopefully the incident will be worked into an episode.
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