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I was trying to remember the casino the 1st time I gambled in Vegas.
My 1st trip ever to Vegas was probabbly mid 1990's
I was in downtown vegas and interested in playing backjack.
I was looking for the lowest stakes posible because just looking to play for fun and the expereience of it rather then gamble.
I wandered a few blocks from downtown and found this real rundown casino with real low black jack bets.
The main entrance was totally open, no doors , so you could just wander in from the sidewalk, floor was wooden.
The Blackjack tables were right out front so if you wandered in from the sidewalk, blackjack was right there.
I sat down and played, the players cards were dealt face down, So I had to touch them and bended them slightly to see what I had.
Now the funny thing was that by looking at my hand, I was bending the cards. Once I noticed the dealer straightening out my bends, I apologised saying this was my first time playing BJ. He said this was his 1st day dealing blackjack.

Anybody know what casino this was. Probabbly closed now because on my recent visit to vegas, I checed out off downtown casinos and its none of them currently open.
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was it the western,
great place to play
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Wooden Floor... It was the Western.
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