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A few years ago, my friend looked into teaching positions in Vegas. He had ten years in the NYC school system and had qualified for his pension. A head hunter recruited him with the promise he would retain his senior teaching position and the salary increases that go with it. It was for a year round position and the salary was half what he made in NY. Same in Phoenix and Santa Fe. He ended up taking a year off and teaching dependents on an Army base in Japan.
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Quote: tringlomane

A teacher that started in when I was in HS. She has 23 years experience with a master's degree. She teaches calculus, physics, and AP physics. She is currently making $65,750. Bleh.

I am not saying they are getting rich. I think $65k is a fair wage for most people. If she was married to another teacher they would be around $130k. A very good income for a couple.
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Quote: Joeman

It must be the school/district you are teaching in. When I married Mrs. Joeman in 2012, she had been teaching for 8 years. I was appalled to find out how little she was making. In what other occupation can you have a master's degree, get a job in your field, and not even sniff $40k/year after 8 years of service?

Since a teacher only works 9 months a year you cannot compare it direct to year round jobs.

Cry me a river if you like but if the pay is so low why would someone take a Masters Degree with such a low pay ceiling?
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