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Quote: FleaStiff


Current Promotion:
Get 150.00 in Resort Credits for staying two nights.

Spend it any on-property location where you might normally charge things to your room: bars, restaurants, spas.

Fine Print Summary:
Requires use of code when making reservation. Code easily available from their own web site.
Will continue up to Christmas Eve but will have several "blocked nights".

Frankly I have no idea if this is any sort of extra special deal or not. Nor do I know what dates the bargain-filled DEAD WEEK will take place this year. Its the week just prior to the week that contains Christmas.
During DEAD WEEK just about everyone offers discounts because hotels and casinos are well....dead!

This is the deal I am in at Venetian. I wasn't particular impressed with it but booked it anyway as it was cancelable while the cheapest rate was not. Price difference was a little bit less than $150 for 3 nights so it worked out the same really as I would charge things to the room anyway.

Re: Pai Gow tiles. $25 min Venetian side 1 table. No table at Palazzo. Went in to the high limit room and nothing there either.
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Venetian/Palazzo/LavoBottleandGamingClub are all one licensee.

13 Big strip properties hold licenses for 24 pai gow tiles tables. Does not require that they be open just that license fee is paid.
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Pai how tiles is a licensed game?
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I've been getting this e-mail at least twice a week for the last year or so.

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