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Hey, he said it:

The owners of Arizona Charlie’s are trying to capitalize on the trend in the casino’s new promotional campaign, which will highlight the casino’s games as opposed to its food and beverage offerings and other attractions. Monotone-voiced TV personality Ben Stein will narrate the ads.

Under the new slogan, “Built for the Gambler,” Arizona Charlie’s is pushing its customer service and increased reward options for people who spend hours playing mainly at its 1,150 slot machines.

“We’re basically a box with slots,” said Ron Lurie, executive vice president and general manager of Arizona Charlie’s.

Lurie, a former Las Vegas mayor, said the people who come to Arizona Charlie’s will stay three to five hours. They may eat at a restaurant, but the games are their entertainment, drawing primarily local residents and some bus tours. Arizona Charlie’s sends shuttles to neighborhood apartment and housing complexes to pick up customers.

“Our hosts not only know your name, they know what games you like to play. In the restaurants, we can tell you what you’ve ordered, so we know what you like,” Lurie said. “We want to build loyalty. People have a lot of choices, and we want them to drive past all the big boys and come and play with us.”

Full article: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2012/apr/15/theyre-back-core-gamblers-are-helping-las-vegas-ga/
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Just be careful not to trip over the carts holding the
players oxygen tanks.
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