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March 3rd, 2018 at 5:21:44 PM permalink
Quote: billryan

Wynn has twice the market cap than caesars?!

wow.. thought cet was #1, mgm #2, and wynn #3.
so cet has to go debt financing to buy something bigger than itself.

given how well that worked last time, cet shareholders should say NO!

and why didn't cet get a maccau gaming license last decade like Wynn?
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Thanks for this post from:
March 3rd, 2018 at 9:54:03 PM permalink

Current market cap:
LVS - Las Vegas Sands 56.46B
MGM - Mirage Resorts International 19.1B
WYNN - Wynn Resorts 16.76B
MPEL - Melco Crown Entertainment 13.04B
CZR - Caesars Entertainment 8.63B
(followed by BYD 3.97, CHDN 4.09, PENN 2.36, etc.)

Quote: 100xOdds

...cet shareholders should say NO!...

Well they really don't need to "say NO!" or "Oooh yes baby, don't stop, do it faster, go baby go!" or "Sometimes, if there's a buffet discount coupon and a line pass involved!" or "Maybe later if you buy me dinner and get me really drunk!" or anything else about it, since the question is not about to be asked, as that idea is coming entirely from the imagination of an amateur blogger posting on the website Motley Fool & then passed around on Yahoo. Not from reporting the action of or quoting anyone who is actually running anything, anywhere, or anyone who knows anyone who does, and it is not by even the most relaxed definition coming from any sort of professional news organization, and is not sourced in any way, and even in his blog post speculation there is no assertion, evidence, suggestion, or even a hint from the blogger at all that anyone is actively doing any such thing, and it is nothing but his notion of what Travis thinks maybe they ought to do.

But other than that, the sky will probably be falling shortly; surely someone somewhere must be doing something or other - because: the interwebz. So I think folks ought to gather in front of Caesars Palace with pitchforks & torches, while I set up a booth on the corner to sell popcorn & themed hats & souvenir t-shirts.
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