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Mr CasinoGames®' Library: Hybrid Double-Bet® Roulette. Lage Lay-Out.

Hybrid Double-Bet® Roulette
Invented in 2007.
US Patented 7,686,306
Mathematical Analysis = Michael Shackleford, A.S.A.
live launch of the Game has already taken place in South Africa.

Mr CasinoGames® Over the last 10 years has built up a library of more than 80 Casino Games.
The Intellectual Property rights relating to all such games are specifically reserved.

Mr CasinoGames® will upload descriptions of Games from his Library on a regular basis.
I invites comments, praise, criticism, suggestions for improvement indeed any feedback.

Introduction to: Hybrid Double-Bet® Roulette.

Hybrid Double-Bet Roulette is played on a gaming cloth as illustrated the familiar Roulette Cloth plus extra Double-Bet Boxes.

The Double-Bet concept enables the Players to bet on two outcomes namely the standard Roulette Wheel Number together with the result of the Random Number Generator.

Both numbers must occur for a winning bet.

The Double-Bet is made by placing a bet on any one or more Double-Bet Boxes.
The winning Double-Bet consists of the winning street (or zero straight up) in combination with the number (1, 2, 3 or 4) produced by the Random Number Generator as indicated on the Number Display Unit.

Betting Example: The Player fancies 22-24 Street. He places his bet on the betting box for the street selecting one of the four numbers, (1,2,3 or 4) to complete his double-bet.

Dealer's Procedures:
The Players place their bets.

In addition to making the Standard Roulette bets Players may make one or more double-bets, on the appropriate Double-Bet Box or Boxes, which will be successful if two pre-designated outcomes are correctly forecast.

The first outcome is zero or the 'street' containing the standard number into which pocket on the Roulette wheel the Roulette ball lands; the second outcome is 1,2,3 or 4 as determined by the Random Number Generator.

The dealer spins the ball in the normal way. The Scanner knowing when the ball is due to drop, energises the Random Number Generator and sends a 'No More Bets' message to the Number Display Unit.

The Random Number Generator will offer a number between 1 and 4 inclusive which appears on the Number Display Unit Just before the roulette ball lands in one of the roulette wheel pockets.

Once the ball has landed in a pocket in the roulette wheel the dealer will place two dollies one on the winning number on the Principal gaming cloth the other on the winning number on the Double-Bet box.

The dealer will clear all losing bets including all losing Double-Bets.

The dealer will pay all (standard) outside bets, i.e. the evens bets and the two to one chances.

Dealer will pay out all winning Double-Bets in accordance with the Double-Bet Pay-Out Schedule.

Dealer will remove the Double-Bet dolly.

The dealer will next pay out all winning bets on the Principal gaming after which dealer will remove the Roulette dolly.

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MCG, I like your posts of your game rules, but perhaps it would be better served on your personal blog for easy access?
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Thanks Teddys,

I will post my games in both place, Game Inventors Corner and My blog.
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