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It's called alliteration, my friends ! Anyway, I digress.....

Boyd Gaming acquired Belterra, a generally upscale hotel and riverboat casino on the Ohio River in Indiana about a year ago.

There are a few posters in the lobby saying that they would be upgrading the computer systems. Apparently that never happened.


The promo tonight, Friday 09/20 was a 50K giveaway, 1 entry for every 25 tier credits earned, and $ 1500 x 2 people every half hour from 6:00 to 10:30 (30K), and then a grand prize 20K winner at 10:45. You have to be present to win. I was ready for a little getaway, so I took a day of Vac from work and decided to give it a try.

Except there wasn't

An announcement was made about every half hour, postponing the drawing. So instead of 2 winners at 6:00 pm and then 2 more at 6:30, the plan was to have 4 winners posted at 6:30. OK, fair enough. Computers work great until they don't. Rinse, wash, repeat. This went on all night. Until about 10:40 pm or so, when the whole darn thing was cancelled / postponed.

So they announced that their plan is to hold the drawing another night, and everyone would have to come back. What ? ? ? Talk about a dumbarse idea. I hope the Indiana Casino Commission comes down hard on this. OR Boyd/Belterra decides to make it right with the players somehow.

Belterra knows who was there and who earned what, points entry-wise ( at least the kiosks where you check your daily tier credits know ).

My Humble Solution:

JUST HAVE THE DRAWING as soon as the computers are working and notify the winners. In fact, double the # of winners to show that BOYD has an ounce of integrity. But then again, what do I know.

Stay tuned.
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