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Quote: Dieter

Were there more inquiries into triad affiliation beyond the Vancouver model money laundering scheme?

I know there was an order to cease most VIP enticements, which were likely supporting the operation.

(My recent awareness of triad activities is mostly limited to "Did the restaurant get a delivery of the good seafood today?", so I'm a bit out of touch.)

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    i don't know what Vancouver model ML is, but the essence i believe, was junkets being employed and money laundering.

    in Macau, some staff lost their jobs and may even have had to spend some time in jail! not a very good reputation for Crown to have done to their employees, that's for sure. the employees were just following their job description!
    All persons reading my posts gamble at their own risk, as I do. I don't ordinarily dispute math. I may dispute math I don't understand, or if I think it's faulty. I am not a conspiracy theorist.

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