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on a couple of recent trips to my local casino, i noticed something strange. persons in the background whilst i was at the bj tables. when i say background, i mean approx 10m behind me, and looking at me! i had a few small loose papers in front of me at the table, to remind me of a few things about the strategy i was employing. maybe the casino got suspicious? i usually end up betting a few hours straight. that may add to the suspicion?

if these persons were just watching to learn some things, they would be right behind the players to see what's going on, not approx 10m away. the persons i am referring to were alone, and not dressed that great. when i say persons, i mean that i noticed this type of scenario, with lone individuals, on a few different occasions.

the q is, was i being watched? considering my min bet is $15, and max about $100, i would hardly rate my presence as a financial threat to the casino. but are some casinos paranoid?
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Perhaps they simply admired the cut of your jib.

10m seems too far away for them to be security monitoring your play.

Then again they could be drunk / stoned just "staring into space" all zoned out: it happens.
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I've found that scavengers often lock on targets long before they make their move. Some of these guys can smell a newbie at a quarter-mile.
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There are two types of people who lock onto, high rollers, anyway.

Rarely, if I am on a serious run, at some point towards the tail end of the run when the winning numbers have risen above six figures, some "suit" will come out of nowhere, generally stand at a respectful distance, and observe. The smaller the casino - the sooner such a vulture will appear. These casino managers are just looking to make sure that no cheating is happening.

And then of course - we have the hustlers, who do anything from stand watching to plop themselves down at the table (if the table is public), and start offering bits of unwanted advice as to how to handle the next hand or the session in general. These types will generally, if not invariably, ask for a handout either during or at the end of the successful session.

But in all cases - these types appear as the sums of money in front of the player start rising. When you have forty grand (or more) in front of you, everyone's your friend.
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Quote: Wellbush

was i being watched?

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    In a casino?
    May the cards fall in your favor.
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    30 feet away is too far for them to see anything productive. So I would say no you're not being watched. The eye in the sky can zoom in so close they can see the dirt under your fingernails. They don't need somebody to be watching you from 30 feet away.
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    Quote: Wellbush

    i had a few small loose papers in front of me at the table, to remind me of a few things about the strategy i was employing. maybe the casino got suspicious?

    definitely - 100% for sure

    no experienced AP would have such papers
    but very green ones might
    and casinos definitely don't like players even if they're not APs having physical things to aid them at the BJ table
    at any other table game - bacc, roulette, craps - no problem - but BJ - NO WAY
    I have even seen a pit critter come up to a player with a tiny basic strategy card that they sell in casino gift shops and tell him to keep it down

    I also gather that you're dramatically varying the size of your bets
    although you're not an AP - that is typical of APs - and even if you're not counting will get pit critters interested - trying to figure you out
    but once they realize you're into progressions not reflective of the deck composition, no problem

    if you're playing BJ you definitely want to lose those papers

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    I've never had a problem with keeping a strategy card on the table. I had a few pit people ask to examine them and had more than a few who got to know me ask me why I bothered with it. It could be Austraisia doesn't allow them but I've never had a problem in the USofA or Puerto Rico.
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    Thanks for this post from:
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    I have a feeling it's his imagination that this was actually happening. If it was happening, it was probably someone from the marketing department thinking... how do we get more guys like this in here?
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    I've always heard it said that if you build a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to your door. Perhaps the word is already out.

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