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Quote: 100xOdds

[snipped to shorten to something reasonable]

[Paraphrase Wiz] If the dealer also has a Ten then you lose because everything beats your 2 kicker. 

I was quoting your OP (1st post in this thread).

due to my editing of that post multiple times, i left out of the part where it was the Wiz who said 3 additional dealer outs if you have a 2 kicker.
(it made  it look like you said that.)

i edited my posts.

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    I see that the above example has been removed from the wizard page [and replaced I think], see link below. I'd like to think it is because he realized he was deviating from a simple strategy

    the consideration that both dealer and player have the same card usually means a wash. If you are sharpening your game and want to in fact go deeper than simple strategy, you can expect to be getting iinto the weeds. Check out these using the Wiz calculator:

    Here I changed the original so you have a 9 for second kicker instead of a 2. Having a 2 doesn't have much to do with it, because dealer outs are 23 just using simple strategy. Fold. 

    Note that this time I have changed the original so that there is an Ace on the board. Now the dealer outs are 19 using simple strategy. Player cards are still 10,2, but it is now a Raise. This is not a situation where a weak second kicker matters enough. I've noticed it is more likely with K,2 or Q,2 .
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