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I dont play asian poker too much because of the high house edge- and I just perfer pai gow... but I was playing some the other day, just a couple hands; and was thinking... would it not work to my benefit to surender the single card hand most of the time for a better mid-hand? say I got a pair and a K, J, 7. Considering how the house has to play it- woudl it not be better for me to do K,J as my mid and let 7 go for the single card- which I have a much better chance of loosing. I dont know if its just me but the chance of of a tie on the single card hand (and thus a loss) seems very high- why not go ahead and loose it with a weak card ot get a better mid-hand. play your best and 2nd best cards on mid and 3rd best on the single card low hand vs playing 1 and 3 on the mid and 2nd highest on the low.
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