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Quote: NokTang

Careful mate. I was given an informal "warning" when stated the obvious and common scheme of posting a different set of picks or in fact, other side etc. elsewhere. This is how touts work, we all should know it. That's all I was ever saying. Not "trolling" or a personal attack, just the facts mam.

I was just speculating what WE would claim. I didn't say he was doing that.

So, where is he?

Perhaps he will claim he had a personal issue or something like that(I hope that's not the case).

Perhaps he will give us the "I didn't feel wanted/appreciated" speech.

He had a few fans who he left hanging.
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Quote: Rigondeaux

I'm skeptical of any of this. I have seen some touts rack up staggeringly bad records, (Teddy Covers) but I think they are just getting unlucky on their coin flips.

The idea of someone using good logic backwards, or subconsciously making bad picks just seems to far fetched for me to believe in fading anyone.

Joel's sample size for this season is too small to mean much of anything either way. But, especially as a smaller bettor, the best thing to do is just hunt for off numbers and do parlay cards and similar stuff. Handicapping the biggest markets is very hard and time consuming.

If you must, you can handicap smaller markets, which is still hard, but not as hard and just as time consuming.

Hi and just to go with the term fade, which I take to mean To Bet Against or Opposite of the person providing the tips, it is that above meaning I base my reply on.
It is very lucrative to bet against someone who claims to be an expert in sports,racing or politics. Most of the time their tips are 80% wrong even if only favourites are selected. I love this site as it has a strong reputation in the gaming industry this is why I think people try to post whatever method they select with , to either prove they are great, infallible or some ego thing, or even to “tout”.
So one would expect that those that try to tip here would at least try and bring their A++ game .Funny thing is that sometimes some people are so deluded their A game is actually a X—� - At the risk of sounding like a broken record, come back steeldco I miss you A++game.
Yes you can break up the supplied tips into batches of 4 or 5 and make a number of parlay bets, example two weeks ago nfl all but one of the favourites won the game that round sadly the ten leg ticket did not win but I did manage to get 2x3, 1x5 and 2x4 leg plus the outright win on 9 of the ten teams picked.
Mind you I also had tickets that as per your term of fade which lost that week. I have found over the years that break the selections up as listed in order to whatever criteria you choose and stick with it over and over ie ten selections first five on one ticket next five on second ticket etc yes some days you lose etc but on the days you win etc blar blar
As someone had mentioned in this thread there are 16gadzillion free tipping sites on the net and that’s correct, but your better off here on this site to both bet with and against the person who thinks he/she is the best. This site is a time saver.
This thread is a good example break up the selections offered into various tickets of for and against and with a reasonable outlay you can make money, you don’t need to handicap, know or claim to know anything about the game. Leave that for the so called experts, they handicap horses, tracks, riders, players,location and even good ole mamma Jose bad apple pie.
You know it, they get a couple right then they claim how good the are, —�- I say Fantastic !!!! post here , I try and encourage them to keep posting not because I think they are fantastic, always correct,etc, but Because They Post A Selection which allows lazy ole me to one stop shop for my selections for college football.
I think sms777. ( ? not sure of his non de plume) quite rightly post some pages earlier that if you can find a tipster that outrageously bad / good stick with that tipster as you can make good money.
If you do you own handicapping Rigondeaux you must have recorded your personal win loss history, now as an example look at your history and on those weeks/days and notice you complete loose day let’s say you picked 5 EPL games they all lost on one parlay ticket, what would have happened if you “fade” yourself?
People say they want to win but they forget you don’t have to be correct in selections to win but smarter as the odds are not even money on parlay ticket, hopefully this makes something to think about.
I only wish someone one would post NHL selections, hint hint and some nbl and nfl , you know one stop shopping, ha ha
Kind regards

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