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I am not sure what to name this thread. Today Eldorado is going to have a "knock out" game. To be eligible for this game, you use your players card from Sunday-Thursday and you get 10X entries into the thing for every 20 points you get. Friday/Saturday you get 5X entries. If you didn't play then you have no chance of being picked for this thing. it starts at 2:15 and every 15 minutes someone gets picked to play the game. 40 names will be selected (up until midnight). The object of the game is to punch through things on a wall (not sure how to put it), and then pull out whatever money is in that slot. One slot will have $10,000 and the other slots have other various amounts of money. I have went to the casino every day this week to play and earn enteries into this thing. I earned 140 points on Sunday but lost $200 in the process of doing it. Then I gained 20 points every day so far and won about $20 each day until the bigger win tonight. This isn't like anyone that comes swipe your card and get a chance to play. Only people that have played before get to be in this thing. If I don't get picked for this thing, I am going to take a needed vacation from going over there for a while. Its bad enough I have to stay there 10 hours waiting to see if my name gets picked. In the meantime atleast 8 of those hours I will be watching what is going on with the $1 and $5 versions of triple 4x, 5x, 6x and play the $1 version every so often after someone throws a few hundred into it not hitting anything big.

My question is has anyone ever went way out of there way for one of these games? Anyone ever play one? They have a suitcase game next sat. Bascailly the same idea on getting entries. For this game, you get handed $750 and you can either keep it or ask for one of the 30-40 suitcases. They had this game a week or two ago. I saw the empty cases. There were about 15-20 of them. 1 person did hit the $10,000. There were alot of $500's and a few that were $1,500-$3,500. I think the casino is more partial to people that are gold and president members then someone that just joined. I also think they probably look at the win/loss record and try to find someone that spends alot of money there and has lost to try to make up for some of the losses so that customer will stay with them. My damn win/loss record is through the roof now. I won $1100 in the past week on the triple 3x etc machine and my card was in it each damn time. I am going to have to pay taxes on the damn hand pay thing I got a month ago if I don't lose.
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Quote: sabre


Couldn't have said it better myself
Expect the worst and you will never be disappointed. I AM NOT PART OF GWAE RADIO SHOW
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Uh, yes, I definitely agree with whatever it is you're saying.
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Their computer should simply look at the collective pool of tickets earned and randomly select one each time. The only reason it looks like it favors high club card members is because they play more. A lot more. That's why they have the high tier cards. And they have a loooooot more tickets than the average person. Think about those people you watch play for 10 hours. They're playing on 10X entry day and putting in so much volume they have you out ticketed 50:1.

The drawing software should not have any access to win/loss data. The win/loss database should not be accessible from very many different systems, that's just asking for trouble.
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