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Hello All,
Got a vegas trip coming up tomorrow for a long 6 nite stay.
My game is video poker and live cash no limit holdem 1-2.
I toy around a little with craps and BJ
Interested in playing some no limit holdem tournaments. Dont want to spend alot, I play for fun, not really to gamble.
My limit for a tourment is 75.00 but actually would rather pay less.
Staying downtown but strip just a bus ride away and Sams just a shuttle ride away.
I like big tournaments. More players means longer tournament and more paying places. 2 to 3 tables is small to me, only 3 or 4 places pay. Would love a 8 to 10 table tournament so getting to final table pays. Anything like that around?
I heard good things about the Stratosphere tournament, heard Sahara players play these now making it a sizeable tournament, anybody know around how many players?
Saw Sams town has some incredibly cheap tournaments, whats up with those? Worth it?
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December 23rd, 2012 at 10:12:03 AM permalink
Stratosphere is your best bet for that size of player pool and the buyin is $65 with the buyin/rebuy. Golden Nugget has some $65 +/- buyins too. I have no idea about Sam's Town except that their juice is high and the turnout was low the last few times I was over there.

Besides GN Binions is the only place downtown with NLHE tournaments. They are usually slow this time of the year though the weekend guarantees run a decent number of tables but that buyin is $120 iirc.

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