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March 12th, 2018 at 2:54:00 PM permalink
I'm not particularly into slots, let alone online slots. However, I've recently pushed a couple of hundred pounds through at my online casino of choice, tempted in by decent bonus offers.

My questions are:-
Has anyone experience of these online slot progressives?
Is there any AP value to watching the bonuses rise and playing for them?
At what point do they make playing +ev?

Example, for a set of slots. The progressive bonuses are shared across a number of machines, and all concurrent players. There's a 'must pay before £2,000' that resets to £1,000 repeatedly through the day and a 'Must pay by midnight that resets to £2,500.

See how they taunt us as the jackpots look 'hot to drop'
I've observed that the must pay by £2,000 typically pays at £1,400 and the 'must pay by midnight' typically reaches £11,000 and pays broadly around 11pm.
I figure that in the extremely unlikely event that both jackpots are close to paying at 1 min to midnight, there might be an advantage to playing... But of course, others might be watching and doing the same.
Incidentally, the wager levels are variable on this slot from 20p to stupidly high. Probability of hitting the jackpots is 'proportional to wager level.'
Your collective wisdom please.

[edit] at 22:28 the must pay by midnight hit for £11,334
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Beware. The earth is NOT flat. Hit and run is not a winning strategy: Pressing into trends IS not a winning strategy: Progressives are not a winning strategy: Don't Buy It! .Don't even take it for free.

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