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Quote: AlanMendelson

If it was a compliment, thank you. But Jewish people are very sensitive about being referred to with "other names" ending in "stein" or other European-sounding name as that is often done as an insult.

I think calling someone by their correct name is a fine compliment.

It was neither a compliment, insult or Anti-Semitic remark. As BeachBumBabs pointed out, we simply have a disagreement on the definition of terms, which for all practical purposes, is comparable to arguing in two different languages.

Wittgenstein's greater point in the Tracatus Logico-Philosophicus, his most notable work, is that everything that exists (or does not exist) in the world can be broken down into facts and discussed using factual statements.

When we define a word a certain way, we tend to treat our definitions as facts, which is why neither of us are wrong. You are most certainly correct pursuant to the way you are defining the terms, and I am definitely correct pursuant to the way that I am defining the terms.

However, when we define our terms in different ways and cannot come to an agreement in how terms should be defined, the two of us are debating using a different set of facts. To the extent that we have determined you cannot understand my set of facts from my perspective, nor I yours, it is impossible to have a debate that is going to make sense to both parties because each party views the most fundamental aspects of the debate coming from the other person, as fundamentally flawed.

Advantage = Edge---Mission's Perspective
Advantage Does Not = Edge---AlanMendelson's Perspective

We cannot even get into supporting argument because we are defining our very theses differently. I cannot speak to your theses nor you mine because we don't understand what the other person is saying, and the quote, "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent," comes from the Tracatus.
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This is interesting. I came out of the Maxwell School at Syracuse. Urban and Regional Economics. My professors were the ones who designed the Big Mac bailout of NYC in the 1970s.
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You can agree to disagree about whether or not it's raining but you'll both still be wet.
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Quote: DeMango

Praise you Jesus!

It was only a matter of time. Then that feeling or display of being cleansed. All is well again.

That's what's so entertaining with these forums. You can see it coming a mile off, but it matters not an iota.

If this were really the the 1800's, as most act out here, we'd all be dead by now.
Nonsense is a very hard thing to keep up. Just ask the Wizard and company.

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