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What is the dealers edge (IF PLAYING HEAD TO HEAD) if the dealer stands on any number above yours (EVEN 16 ect) and hits any number below yours (even 17 or 18 ect)?

i would label this "table rule" as ..."dealer must stand on push."

and likewise what about if "dealer must hit soft push"?

for an example;

the player has 19, and the dealer "stood the usual 17" and took a hit.

and likewise, say.... the player had 13 and the dealer is allowed to stand a 14. ect.

and of course a push being a push at anytime yours and his number are the same. not asking "what are the odds that he is going to bust that 17... or "what are the odds that he will ba able to stand a 14 above you 13" ...but rather what is the dealers edge if he hit any number below yours and stood any number above yours? and a push was a push anytime the two became the same?

of course this way of playing could only be done playing head to head, otherwise the dealer would lose to too many other hands on the table (hence they usually stand on 17 to remain alive on the table) as well as being able to split would not be allowed as well.

im also curious what the dealers edge would be if he hit ALL soft pushes? (except a soft 11 of course! ;)

i know for a fact the dealers advantage would be considerably larger then normal, because even if he is busting out 18's and 19's vs your 20 say, he's still giving himself "that little extra chance of getting that card that works" and either way it didnt matter because he lost anyways. and likewise, if your chicken to hit your 12, the dealer doesnt HAVE to hit a crappy 16 ect if he gets it.

thanks, i hope that is clear enough to understand what i am asking.
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Since this is an entirely different game than blackjack, an entirely new 'basic strategy' would need to be developed. I would guess the edge would be between 15 and 20%.
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And developing that basic strategy is decidedly non-trivial. In blackjack, you have a fixed dealer outcome distribution. Not so here...
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