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Hello to everyone. First post but probably fourth visit here .

I am using the wizardís 4-8 decks, dealer stands on soft 17 color coded chart when I play. Iíve played about ten sessions of stadium blackjack here in western PA now - and Iím hooked. Iíve had 8 winning sessions and 2 losing sessions of varying times and money. ( I havenít tracked exactly but thatís my best guess). I have played for as little as an hour and as many as five hours in a session.

I love the three handed stadium blackjack with live dealer interactions in front of us. I started out playing $5 on each hand so $15 per round I guess youíd say. Iím wondering what the bankroll would need to be?

I used $200 and that seems to be a good number thatís worked. I think $400 would be good for $10. And $800 for $20 etc... I know itís small sample size but so far seems ok.

Iíd love to hear if Iím thinking about this correctly or do I have some unexpected surprises coming my way?

(It does pay 3/2 for BJ and seems to be on the positive side for many of the details that Iíve read about. Splitting is only once, I can surrender, double, double after split, not sure what else, etc. ). Thanks in Advance.
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Hello Pman19, and welcome to the forum. It's great to hear you have taken the time to learn the best strategy for the blackjack game you play. I assume you have seen on the Wizard of Odds site that you do not have a winning edge for the game. You have been lucky, and I hope that continues. With luck (aka variance) on your side it can seem like you have found the goose that lays golden eggs.

You have not. The house has the edge and therefore the advantage. There is no betting strategy nor session timing that will overcome that advantage long term. That is why casinos stay in business. Think of your planing as entertainment. Keep your job. Risk only the time and money you can afford.

10 sessions is a wee, small, tiny sample size. You would need thousands to get a significant statistical figure. Continue to have fun. If you read through the posts on this forum you will find that it is possible to make money at blackjack. But to do so takes hard, grinding work for many more hours that a standard job. And it ain't gonna happen for anyone by playing stadium blackjack. Sorry! (My time at blackjack tables ended when stadium blackjack replaced low limit tables.)
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Hey Pman19,

Agree, with the previous answer. If I may add, you are lucky as you are in one of the best places (the best in my opinion) to play blackjack. PA rules mean all casinos offer the same good games.
It's great that you got some good variance on your side, but that should also warn you on how big the swings in blackjack can be, 8 winning sessions out of 10 is common, and don't be surprised if you get 10 losing sessions in a row at some point, because that is common too.

If you plan to play often, keep your gambling money separate from the rest of your life.

The average cost of playing basic strategy low stakes blackjack in PA is very low. 100 hph * 15$/hand * -0.36% HE = 5$ per hour . Which is cheaper than a bar or a movie theater.
The problem sometimes comes with money management and swings. After winning a few times in a row, some players take that as earned easy money, and it goes as easily as it comes (Generous tips to dealers, waitresses, making it rain at a strip club and whatnot) and then, losses are just hard cold losses, no rebate on those. That behaviour, in my opinion, introduces more costs to your new hobby than the house edge. So keep track, and keep it separate! Then if you're actually up in the long run, tip away!

If you really enjoy it, my advice is to get some basic card counting skills to at least protect yourself and not play at a disadvantage. I wouldn't recommend you actually do this professionally, and keep chasing EV. There are better ways you can earn money. But if you are going to play anyway, then count the cards and use a low spread. You can then have fun for free, and keep a sharp mind.
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