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At wind creek, the Kings bounty and 21+3 side bets are factored into the total bet. If the table minimum is 15 dollars I can bet 10 dollars on the regular blackjack bet and 5 on one of the side bets. Does this give me any kind of advantage or does it give the house any less of an advantage, or is this normal practice elsewhere?
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If you put $15 out for blackjack, you are exposing your money to the house edge for the basic game. Letís assume good rules for a 0.46% house edge. Letís also assume the 21+3 side bet is the variant with the least house edge of 3.24%. If you wager $10 on blackjack and $5 on the 21+3 side bet you are exposing your $15 to a cumulative 1.39% house edge for an average loss of about $0.21 per hand.

If you had to bet $15 on blackjack to place your $5 21+3 side bet you would expose your $20 total of wagers to a cumulative house edge of 1.16% for an average loss of about $0.23 per hand.

If you are playing for entertainment and want to place the side bet you could consider wagering less at a higher house edge an advantage because the expected loss is lower. If you stick to blackjack only the expected loss per hand would be $0.07.

Every side bet is bad.
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I have heard that Carnival ships' casinos have a $6 minimum on their Spanish 21 variant table. Most players bet $5 on the main bet and $1 on the side bet, but betting $6 (or more) only on the main bet is allowed.

Also, I believe Bally's Atlantic City has a similar rule on at least some of their blackjack tables.

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