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Iíve been paid 16k and 20k in chips on less than 300-1 payouts with no card or name in state regulated casinos. I am under the impression chips are not a cash instrument and it wouldnít require one. They definitely asked me for a card and remembered me the next day but didnít press the issue.

If they are going to file a ctr and already have your name ID and social on file, they donít need to tell you theyíre filing one, I know Iíve had that happen.
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Quote: darkoz

He said the bet paid $10,000

Over as in $10,001.01 or as in $9,999.99?

$10,000.00 on the nose doesnít require a CTR.

$10,000.01 does.
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Quote: AxelWolf

For the most part I have found that the police oftentimes remain indifferent. They tent to take the word of the casino over yours. However, they never arrest security guards when they assult customers. If you assult them, you will get arrested.

Gaming control has been more than fair in almost all disputes I have been involved in. I can only think of one time they were totally wrong when I had to call them.

When you say gaming control do you mean Nevada specifically or all states generally?
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Quote: smurgerburger

When you say gaming control do you mean Nevada specifically or all states generally?

Good question/point. I only really have personal knowledge of Mississippi, New Jersey, Nevada. I have only had a few minor problems problems with Indian casinos, there has never been a situation where I feel it was worth going to gaming. I have been fairly lucky and I have only been 86'ed from one Indian joint. I don't play tables very often and up until the last 6 years my Indian casino play was limited.
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Quote: randomperson

Its kind of like saying if someone robs you and the police return your belongings that everything is OK and the person didn't do anything wrong. Its not like the casinos aren't trying to steal your money.

I totally agree with you.

Wish you could arrest casino personnel for attempted theft.

I dont think any legislation ia forthcoming in that area
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