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Hand 1 = $10 Bet .... we Lose . So 2nd hand is $20 ...... we lose. So 3rd hand is $30......we lose. 4th hand is $40 ..... we WIN What if , on the 5th hand , we reduced the Bet by ( $10 ) and therefore our Bet would be $30 . Say we win this hand, so then on the 6th Hand , we reduce our Bet size again , and Bet $20 . If we win this 6th hand , the Bet size on the 7th hand would then be $10 ( our Initial Bet size ). So we would then continue Betting $10 a hand, until we start Losing hand after hand ( In which case we are Adding $10 to our Bet, for each hand that we Lose )........ Once we start Winning ( whether that be on the 2nd to the 7th hand ) , whenever we Win in that sequence of Losing Hands , when then Reduce our Bets by $10 ( But DON'T start back at a minimum of $10 a Bet ) , until will Lose OR until we get back down to Betting $10 , via are Regression

Thanks for any Help and Insight
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Hi MikeD
Welcome to the forum.

What game? Blackjack? Snap? Higher or lower?

I'm not sure what insight or analysis you are seeking.

Bear in mind that Blackjack is not 50% win and 50% lose. You will tend to lose more hands than you win, but pesky Blackjacks, Splits and Doubles will mess with your head.

What's this regression you speak of? Do you suspect that long term, the universe keeps track of how many losses you had, and then compensates by giving you a few extra wins with which to square up your account?
Summarized Net Win in Blackjack

If it's amusing to play that way then do so. It will modify the overall, long term effect of the house edge to no extent whatsoever. Since the house has an edge, your bankroll will tend towards 0, with a few ups and downs along the way.
Take care out there. Spare a thought for the newly poor who were happy in their world just a few days ago, but whose whole way of life just collapsed..

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