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October 27th, 2014 at 1:02:44 PM permalink
At the Westgate (nee LV Hilton) on Sunday, I was playing at a $10 continuous shuffler game which offered the "Wild Aces" side bet...if a player has an Ace on first card there is an option to bet he will get blackjack. The bet pays 2-1, similar to insurance.

Two things that I found very odd...

1) The dealer was offering all the players at the table to bet on anyone's ace. He would take John's and Jack's, etc. bet place it on Mary's Wild Aces spot if she had the Ace and John and Jack wished to bet on it.

2) If the bet was a winner, the *players* were responsible for splitting the winnings between the winners. The payout would be placed in front of Mary and she (or another player) had to split the money.

We were told that this is how this game is "setup". I find it very hard to believe that a side bet game would be SETUP to be admnistered by the players, but if anyone has any insight I would appreciate hearing from you.

PS: for the record, I did not play the bet!
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October 27th, 2014 at 5:29:59 PM permalink
Sounds to me like this is simply the casino welcoming side-bet action between players. To my knowledge, this sort of thing is perfectly legal in Nevada (It's illegal in Washington). Same idea as you wanting to double down on your neighbor's 11 because he's too chicken to do it himself. The only difference is the dealer is actually pausing the game to accommodate it.

Be forewarned though. Like any side-bet, it's up to Mary to pay you your winnings. If she cheeses out on you, you might not have any recourse. After all, technically Mary was the one who placed the bet. You just gave her the money to do it with.
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