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Is there any blackjack software or games that are accurate and the deck degrades. I am asking (as you may have assumed) to practice counting. Basically I am looking for a blackjack game that is realistic and plays through the shoe and reshuffles as it would in a casino. Also, if there is a way to change the rules (number of decks, 3:2, 6:5, etc...) to practice/experiment different rules?
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I believe Casino Verite is the software that gets the most recognition:
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Blackjack Casino on Facebook

Particularly annoying features (just like a casino!): hard to see some of the other players cards on the handheld (1d, 2d) games before they're discarded, if you're too slow to act they consider that you've waved off your hand (who stands on a 5, really?), a large number of players play badly on your table.

Annoying features (unlike a casino): one hand only, slow to enter custom bets (although, fast options to double or halve vs the last bet, or to bet table max or min).

Variously, 6d, 4d, 2d, 8d, 5d csm, 1d, 1d-no hole card. Some are d9, some are d10, there may be a d11 game, some are DA, some allow DAS. I think they're all 3:2.

Since you can't see the discard tray in their software, they do show you the percentage of the deck remaining. A check of the table rules tells you where the shuffle point is. They clearly indicate when a shuffle occurs. I don't think their shuffle attempts to simulate a house shuffle; I think I heard that their shuffle algorithm is a Fisher-Yates (Knuth) shuffle. Not sure if they're starting from discard order or new deck order, not sure what their RNG is.

I'm not affiliated with them, but I do enjoy the game from time to time.
May the cards fall in your favor.

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