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I was at Foxwoods Casino this past Thursday and Friday. It was about 3am, I was playing blackjack, also at the table was an elderly gentleman and two very young guys. The two young guys were not playing BS but for at least two shoes, every non BS move they played seemed to benefit the table. At one point the elderly gentleman doubled down and the one young friend said to the second young friend, "I never know when to split or double down". The second friend responded, "there's no strategy with blackjack other than to hit until you get a 17 or higher. Other than that you double down whenever your gut tells you to and split anytime you have two of the same cards". I never saw either of them split or double down but for two shoes everyone at the table made some money that night. Usually I quietly leave a table where someone is playing completely against BS, I know it doesnt change my odds, I just don't feel comfortable playing at a table where BS isn't practiced, but this night I happily stayed.
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