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February 15th, 2015 at 10:08:38 AM permalink
So I was reading thebigpaybak's blog and decided to watch some of his YouTube videos. Highly entertaining in my opinion. Anyway I like hearing or seeing those wins and stories. So let's hear everyone's best slot win story

My personal high slot win was $10,000. I was 18 years old and stopped into an Indian Casino with my buddy after work. This is in 2002. He had hit for $300, which we thought was a huge win. I found a $1 Tobasco reel slot machine and hit the jackpot after about 15 spins. I gave my parents $2k, paid for a limo at prom, & paid for my a group dinner with friends. I'm sure I also lost quite a bit of it back as well
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February 15th, 2015 at 10:21:11 AM permalink
Many moons ago at an Indian casino I saw three $1 credits on a machine. I pulled the lever and won $2700.
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February 15th, 2015 at 10:32:44 AM permalink

My sister and brother in law were visiting, and I wasn't well, I was laying in bed. They called from their hotel and wanted us to join the at Mohegan, so I got dressed and we met them around 7PM. I figured to run $100 through a slot then watch for a while and go home.

I picked a $1 Wheel of Fortune, threaded the Franklin into it, and started pressing buttons, and it went on a death march. Nothing, not even a cherry. Then, with 13 credits left, I hit the button and the reels came up... 5X-5X-5X!

I have a photo somewhere, I'll be damned if I can find it now though.

I've had dozens of hits between $1000 and $2000, including several $1199s on the $5 WoF at Borgata.
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February 15th, 2015 at 10:52:38 AM permalink
My personal best slot win was 3300+ on an island bank of 12 WMS machines (all different 5 reel video slots; mine was called Jungle Wild) that had a common progressive Jackpot Party bonus add-on (the base games had their own bonuses as well) that showed randomly on reel 5. It was Grand Biloxi (Now Harrah's Gulf Coast) in about May 2005 - I was hosting my Mom on our annual "Thanks for doing my taxes" trip. I was just playing 40 cent spins (2x 20 lines) for less than 5 minutes and got the jackpot screen. You had to find the star in one present (about 60 presents per screen) on 4 consecutive screens before you got a Party Pooper (more of them on each screen; the remainder of the presents were dollar amounts, that were proportional to your bet). Finding the star advanced you to the next screen.

I'd never played machines with multiple progressive bonus before, and everyone around me was playing like they were in a tournament, smacking the buttons as fast as they could. I didn't know what was going on, and didn't know the significance of the stars when I entered the bonus round; I just kept finding them after 1 or 2 presents. I found what turned out to be the last star, my machine stopped working, and I thought it was broken. There was no indication on the screen of what I'd won, or even that I had; I was looking at all points of my display trying to find a dollar amount or some indication of why the machine locked up. Everybody around me swore, banged their machine, or stood up. A bunch of people who were standing nearby watching cheered or made disgusted noises.

A woman sitting behind me on a different bank slapped me on the shoulder and said, "NICE!" I said, "what"? She said, "You won!" I said, "I won what? My machine locked up." She said, "Look up, you idiot!" So, way above our heads, there was this giant display with screens and music coming out of it, showing that the Major (of 4) Jackpots had gone off. (Busy and noisy casino, I had tuned out the sounds that weren't coming out of my machine.) My machine itself still didn't indicate anything, but there was something on the big screen pointing down at my position (can't remember what the graphic looked like). I really didn't understand until then; I think they ganged regular machines in a bank and put the big bonus display on the top, and just did a simple code re-write to include the random 5th reel symbol to an add-on bonus, so the machine itself didn't have all the jackpot info programmed in; it was all on the top-level add-on.

Way too many people (like about 30) hung around waiting to see me paid, so I asked for a security escort from the slot pay folks and took the money up to the room and locked it up. Partly because I'd had a crazy good day at PGP for 4 hours just before that, with several SF's and several 4OAK, so I had about 9K on me at that point (more than I've ever walked around with; I realize that's chump change to some of you). The nice part was that I'd lost about 2K in the prior days, and we were leaving that afternoon, so I banked a nice amount when I got home.
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February 15th, 2015 at 12:48:28 PM permalink
I used to play a lot of video poker on a $10 game that paid 1000-1 for the royal. I hit that a few times.
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A little over $400...seriously. :(
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Quote: tringlomane

A little over $400...seriously. :(

Still better than me - my biggest was $125 on a WoF somewhere downtown (Golden Nugget, I think).
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Quote: ThatDonGuy

Still better than me - my biggest was $125 on a WoF somewhere downtown (Golden Nugget, I think).

Amateur ;)

I am an expert slot player with a return of over 500%. My system has worked every single time I've played it. No joke, and y'all know I wouldn't lie here at WoV.

I won't go into all my secrets, but basically I was leaving Vegas with only enough money for lunch and a cab. But hey, who needs to eat, right? So I tossed $17 into a Quick Hits machine and slow played that sucker for 60-75 minutes. Got a bangin' bonus round, x5's all over. By the time the reels stopped spinning, I had like $96.50.

Cashed out. Never played slots before, ain't played them since, and likely never will again.

And I know y'all are waiting with bated breath to know what I could have done with such a windfall. Well, I'll tell ya. I went to Red Lobster and bought a new fishing rod. Paid for my girl's meal and everything. Eat your heart out =)
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February 15th, 2015 at 7:00:52 PM permalink
My biggest slot win was for $2925 but it was only for 14.625 times my bet. I was playing $200 per spin on wolf run during rivieras $1000 slot loss rebate promotion. I hit nothing on my first 4 spins then hit a bonus round on my last spin. It was a little dissapointing it wasn't more than that. I thought the bonus round would be worth more.
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February 15th, 2015 at 7:03:05 PM permalink
$1400 or so on a penny game ($2 a pull). While I don't mind a taxable I was 100% I wouldn't get one and bam out of nowhere 30 free spins with 8x multiplier.
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