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I pick my own numbers and use a 16x15 matrix to attempt a best 3 in first 3, 4 in first four combinations so I have the best chance to get a prize. There of this online. That's where I get the grid. Not my idea, just something that has produced the most winners for me.

I also like up to 3 prime numbers in my number combinations.
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Quote: Ibeatyouraces

I just play all of the possible combos and win every prize, every time. Of course I only do this in my head though :-)

Ya if you play in your head you can only lose your mind:-)
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Quote: rdw4potus

I've heard this too. Might be true. But it's also by far the most likely outcome. Powerball is a 25 year old game that draws 2 times per week. 25*52*2=2600 drawings in the history of Powerball. The odds of winning the powerball are 1:175,000,000. It would be an incredible long shot to have two out of 2,600 Powerball drawings have the same winning numbers.

This is actually an interesting version of the generailzed birthday problem:

Using an available online calculator
and the numbers given above (m=2600 and n=175000000), I get: 1.9% chance of at least one duplication. Interestingly this is definetly not 0. It also is not near something we would call likely.

Further using that calculator, the fact I'm 29, US actuarial tables, and trends in lifespan there seems to be a decent chance there will be a double up in my life.
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Anyone what wins seven times cheats... and he sure ain't gonna reveal his system for doing it.
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If you are going to have a website you should at least have it give correct information.
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I read somewhere that that those who pick there own numbers hit twice as often as math says they should.How? Well some winners say they dreamed the winning numbers or a deceased relative on the other side revealed the winning numbers to them.
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Quote: terrymc

Well some winners say they dreamed the winning numbers or a deceased relative on the other side revealed the winning numbers to them.

If I have a "near death" experience that's one of things I'm going to ask. That, and a cure for cancer, and a way for humans to travel interstellar space and stay alive, and anything else I think useful.
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Whats up everyone?Been a long time since I posted on here......
In TN the lottery has been going on since 2004.
I Never played it because I didn't feel I had a chance of winning.
Last year I had a dream.
I had gone to the grocery store I work at and checked my ticket under the kiosk ticket checker.
When I had this dream I never before saw this device in any establishment.
In TN this device didn't exist yet,you had to give it to the cashier to check it on the main terminal.
When I checked the ticket(in my dream) the small screen said"file a claim at lottery headquarters".
Since this dream I started playing late last year,for not much money per week.
I mean I have lost way more in casinos than at the lottery.
In my past dreams I have seen very specific things in them that happened to come true in the future(for the small number of dreams I remember),still though it was a significant amount of innovations or revelations.

Interesting? I don't know. I guess we will have to see how it plays out.

Been fun posting again,I hope everyone wins big and is doing well.

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I was reading this topic today ... just discovered this site ... some posts back there was some discussion whether any Powerball combo's have repeated.

I have read that there may be more than you would think ... I have found two examples and remember these various hits would be with old and new matrix changes ... more numbers, less numbers.

As far as I can find searching around ... there has only been one complete repeat with all five numbers and the PBall ...

12/27/2000 -- 15 · 22 · 24 · 32 · 39 +18

04/03/1993 -- 15 · 22 · 24 · 32 · 39 +18

and then this set of numbers repeated but not with the PBall ...

01/09/2008 -- 2-13-20-21-23 PB 24

02/08/2003 -- 2-13-20-21-23 PB 35

Of course there could be more ... I just found these searching around on Google.

... in PA just last November ... this set of numbers repeated in less than a week ... but there are only 30 numbers in the Treasure Hunt game so that might be expected over time but in less than a week makes it interesting.

Treasure Hunt Results

Sun, Nov 30, 2014 -- 02-05-08-11-12

Mon, Nov 24, 2014 -- 02-05-08-11-12

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