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January 13, 2015

September 3, 2021


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Online gaming (not true gaming like poker but stuff like Everquest, DCUO, World of Tanks, Civilization, and such), Reading (mostly sci-fi/fantasy but also stuff like the Hot Zone or A Brief History of Time), Sunday drives.

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I work my tribe's gaming commission and am not quite comfortable saying where. I don't really gamble much, something about regulating it and working in a casino 5 days a week removed all the fun and magic. Like seeing people win but hate the scammers (talking about TITO theft and bad check writes here and not AP). Don't really like hold carding but think it is operations/training issue and not a player issue. No issue with card counting at all and think casinos focus on it way too much. AP on promotions, not a player issue at all, that is all on the casino and marketing department. If you don't analyze your promotion then you deserve the results.

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