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Since I havent seen anything recent on the Tropicana Evansville, thought I would write up a little from this weekemds trip along with an interesting occurance on 3CP that happened while there

First, the hotel. While fairly new, the hotel is decent. Our rooms were comped, but we dont play enough, so had to have the $15 resort fee added. Nice rooms, especially if you get a view of the river.

Restaurants. They have a steakhouse (Cavanaughs) which I hear is good, never eaten there. They also have a Brew Bros. restaurant which has decent food and an "OCharleys" type steak if you want. The buffet is better than it used to be, but still only worth it if you get comped, it isnt worth the $22 you have to pay otherwise. Then they have 24 hour deli for snacks and stuff, overpriced, but nothing else near that is open.

Gambling - Lots of the newer slots with a small mix of old. Note: If you have a favorite, dont get up and expect to get it back. My wife wanted to play the new "Hot Hit" machines of which they have two, one lady was on the same machine from 11am-2am the following morning, never gettting up to eat or go to the bathroom and the other was occupied by another lady for amost 8 hours as well.
As for the table games, it is pretty slim pickings in terms of variety. Two High card Flush ($10 min), Two Mississippi Stud ($5 min day/$10 Peak hours), Two Three Card Poker tables ($5 minimum/$10 peak) along with 3 Craps/3 Roulette and multiple BJ with the 21+3 and Top 3 Bets. Weekends its tough to get a table spot, so many people camp out the tables.

Finally, for the 3CP event I mentioned earlier. We were playing at a full table, after dealing all the player hands, the dealer accidentally hit the button which shoves the rest of the cards out of the shuffler to begin a new hand. She didnt deal herself a hand. Upon calling the pit boss over, he told all the players to check their hands for the Pair Plus bets and that they would pay any winners and push all the losers. Nothing big, but three players had pairs, to which they paid the 1-1 bet and pushed the other 3 which were losers. Found this interesting and props to the casino for doing this as other casinos would have declared the hand dead immediately regardless of the hand you had.
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Thanks for the report. Nice move in the 3CP: I wish more places saw it that way.
If the House lost every hand, they wouldn't deal the game.
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