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An interesting article "China Has the Cards to Call Trump's Bluff" includes the observation that:


Las Vegas Sands Inc., controlled by 2016's biggest conservative political donor Sheldon Adelson, doesn't technically export anything much to China -- but if Macau authorities decided to strip away the license for his casinos that's up for renewal in 2022, the company could lose three-fifths of its revenue in a flash.

Makes sense but 2022 is along way off. I'm wondering what sort of pressure they can put on Adelson in the next couple of months.
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Just the threat not to renew would cause the stock to fall at least as much as Trumps lies about Amazon did this week.
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Quote: TumblingBones

Makes sense but 2022 is along way off.

Yeah, hopefully by then we'll be 2 years into an administration being run by professionals.
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