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Jul 29, 2016

What is Equity Wagering?

There is a new Sports Betting concept in the State of Nevada that has recently (March 31st, 2016) begun to take action and that is the notion of Equity Wagering on Sports Betting, and theoretically, Racing Betting.  I have composed an entire Page for the WizardofOdds.com site as well as a lengthy Editorial on LatestCasinoBonuses.com that I will link to in the Comments section of this Article as soon as they go live. The main purpose behind this Article is to briefly discuss what Equity Wagering is in the simplest terms and to ensure that anyone who stumbles over this Article in the years to come will be easily linked to my more substantive writings on the matter.  

With respect to the WizardofOdds.com page, that page contains a thorough examination of exactly what Equity Wagering is as well as two exclusive interviews of the heads of the two most successful (as of the time of this writing) companies that are handling the Investments, additionally, there is also an Interview with a gentleman that owns one of the sites whose job it is to provide information on the Equity Wagering companies that are out there.  

The LCB Editorial is different enough from the WizardofOdds page, in my openly and admittedly biased opinion, to still be worth reading.  The similarity to the Odds page is that it starts out by detailing exactly what Equity Wagering is, but then it takes a different turn and attempts to analyze (in terms of my opinion) the Pros and Cons of Equity Wagering as well as to ascertain the motivations behind the people at all stages of the process from the Investors to the Managers to the Sports Books.

Simply put, Equity Wagering is simply placing an, ‘Investment,’ with an entity in which you join a fund that attempts to achieve both growth and Return-on-Investment by way of Sports Betting.  The individuals who invest the money, largely pursuant to the WIRE Act but also pursuant to the fact that the fund managers probably do not care to hear your picks anyway, are not permitted to have any say in the games that are bet at any given time.  Again, that is largely because people from Out-of-State are not allowed to place Sports Bets in Nevada unless they are actually in Nevada themselves.  The individuals who invest the money, therefore, are doing it based on Picks that they find advantageous.  

As of the time of this writing, there are nine such entities and almost undoubtedly more to come as potential entities attempt to complete the licensing process through Nevada Gaming in order to gather up investors and be ready to place Wagers on the NFL this upcoming season.  

The licensing process is a somewhat strenuous one with a host of different requirements, but individuals who wish to invest also have to be approved.  That process is pretty simple as it involves giving your information to the Entity with whom you may be investing, which will include name, prove of address, bank account and also there may need to be some verification as to the source of your funds.  Furthermore, there also exists the option for multiple individuals to form a Partnership, Corporation or LLC that, as a unit, gathers a certain amount of capital and invests with the Equity Managers.  Of course, that ability cannot be used by someone who wants to circumvent the verification of their source of funds as all individuals in the Partnership, Corporation or LLC must go through said verification as a result.  

As one would expect, there are different fee schedules that are associated with Equity Wagering with the largest of fees (as a percentage) being the, ‘Performance Fee,’ which means nothing more than the Entity is entitled to a percentage of the profits that they make for you in a given period of time.  Of course, this is little different from other more traditional forms of investment in which someone goes through a middleman of sorts.

Some of the funds may charge, ‘Management Fees,’ while others may charge, ‘Deposit Fees.’  Some Entities have Rules that may either be more liberal or less liberal with respect to when, and under what conditions, money can be withdrawn after it has been deposited.  

Of course, while this may sound like nothing more than a tout system on the surface, or perhaps worse, a, ‘Free Roll,’ for the Fund Managers, I would strongly encourage everyone to take a look at my other two writings on this subject in which I attempt to stay as neutral as possible and present the facts as I see and understand them.  Furthermore, while it is a relatively small sample size, the owners of two of these Management companies are relatively well-known in the Sports Betting world and have shown some promising results thus far. 

It is with that I conclude and encourage everyone to take a look at my WizardofOdds page on this subject to which I will link in the Comments at a later time as well as my LCB Editorial on this subject.  I would ask that, if anyone has any comments related to the WizardofOdds page, that those Comments could be left in the Comments section of this Article.  Furthermore, comments on the LatestCasinoBonuses.com Editorial could also be left here, especially for those of you who are long-time WoV Members, but I would personally appreciate if any comments related specifically to that Editorial were left on LCB.  

I am also proud to say that we are one of the first organizations out there to cover this new Equity Wagering concept in a comprehensive way as well as the first organization, that I know of, to have exclusive interviews with the heads of NSIG (Nevada Sports Investment Group) and Contrarian Investments, Ken Murphy and Chris Connelly, respectively, for which I thank them mightily.  Both of those people were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedules to speak to me at length not just about their companies, but about this new concept as a whole.  I spent a little over an hour on the phone which each of them.  

I would also like to thank everyone out there, as always, for taking the time to read and Comment.  


SAMIAM Aug 05, 2016

I can just see the current field of touts starting lots of entities, folding the losers and pushing the winning ones. Dont see a happy ending for the average investor

wagertraders Aug 11, 2016

Will the other articles you mentioned be up soon.

Mission146 Aug 12, 2016


Yes, the pictures to it are up, and here is the link. I was actually just about to E-Mail you.


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