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Jun 13, 2015

We are now going to look at the High Noon Casino New Member Bonus and determine whether or not it is beatable.  Before we do that, however, we should take this opportunity to say that High Noon Casino is a Wizard of Odds APPROVED casino.

What that means is that, in the event of a dispute with the player and the casino, if no amicable resolution can be reached, the Wizard himself will step in on the player's behalf if the player signed up through the Wizard of Odds site.

This page shows a full list of Wizard of Odds affiliate casinos and whether or not they are Wizard of Odds APPROVED.

The first promotion we are going to look at is the, "SIXSHOOTER," promotion, which couldn't be more straight forward.  It is a $60 No-Deposit Bonus with a 50x playthrough requirement ($3000) that can be used on Slots, Keno or Scratch Cards only).

The Bonus itself is a Phantom Bonus which means that $60 would be removed from the player's account upon a withdrawal request, and if the player uses this bonus without first making a deposit, then a deposit must be made in order to cash out.

The goal for playing this promotion is actually very simple, the player should try to get to a point where he/she has enough money to cover the Expected Loss on the rest of the Wagering Requirement and still have roughly $360 left over after so doing.  While some of the slot games might be better for these purposes than Keno, in terms of Expected Loss, there's really no way to know that for sure and it also might be difficult to go for a win of a specific amount.

I think that the easiest way to do this is to start out by playing $5 per draw on the Pick 4 Keno as the 150-FOR-1 pay would cause you to way overshoot your win goal on a $6 bet. If successful, then I would switch to a two-spot bet at the smallest bet amount possible or tolerable.  If you are successful in hitting 4/4 on a $5 bet, your balance would be no less than $750 and your expected loss on $3,000 wagered with a House Edge of .1582 is $474.60.  That would leave you with at least $275.40 if you do hit it less your bonus of $60 and thus leaving you with $215.40.

The problem with adding another $150 to that sum is that it puts you considerably over $300 at the end, in terms of expectation, so that's kind of a wasted win.

Most of the return is in hitting the 4/4, so that failing, you're expected to lose $3.0718655 per $5 bet due to the low return of the 2/4 and 3/4 hits.  Given that you have a starting balance of $60, that should leave you with an expected 19.532105 plays with which to hit the result.

The probability of hitting that result is:



Therefore, the probability of you hitting within 19.53 spins is:

1- (1-.003063392303899)^19.53 = 0.05816000702

Using the Vassar Stats site:


To do a binomial distribution roughly agrees with my results. 

Also, the range of your bankroll, if it hits, will be somewhere between $750 and $805 giving an expected win of $215.40-$270.40. 

Personally, I like this.  You're looking at a probability of about 5.816% to win an amount between $215.40 and $270.40, while risking nothing.  That's essentially an Expected win amount of $12.53 to $15.73, so I personally think this is a pretty good little value play.  As I've said before, it's not like you can lose when you're not actually betting anything or making a deposit until you've already won. 

I don't usually do this, but I can't help but feel compelled to say a couple of other words about this casino.  If there's one thing that I like, it is a No-Deposit Bonus, but this casino is packing a lot more than just that.  This casino offers daily promotions that can be redeemed differing numbers of times after the No-Deposit Bonus has been used. 

On Mondays, the player can get a 70% Bonus on, "Other Games," with a 25x playthrough.  However, the playthrough is actually more than that depending on the game.

On Tuesdays, the player can make a deposit and receive a 20% Loss Rebate on all net losses with only a 2x Wagering Requirement.  The rebate can be up to $1,000 and the Maximum cash out is 10x the bonus amount.  In other words, if you lost $1,000 and got the $200 Bonus, then the playthrough would only be $400 and the player could win up to $2,000 for a profit of up to $1,000.  My next article is actually going to focus on taking advantage of this promotion. 

On Wednesdays, players may claim a 65% Match Bonus that can be used on all games with a 25x playthrough.

On Thursdays, the player can deposit up to $50 and get a 65% bonus with a 25x playthrough and 10 Free Spins at $0.25/spin.  If the player deposits more than $50, the bonus increases to 70% and the player gets 20 Free Spins at $0.25/spin.

On Fridays, the player may redeem a 67% Bonus on deposits with a 25x playthrough.

On Saturdays, it's a 65% Bonus on deposits up to $150 and 70% Bonus on deposits over $150.

On Sundays, it's a 77% Bonus, but it's only on Keno, Scratch Cards and Slots.


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